Storage idea for garage and workshop

How to properly organize your garage and workshop?

Don’t wait until you are no longer able to move around your workshop and garage before starting a major cleaning of the premises.

10 Tips offers you 10 ideas for tidying up and organizing your workshop at home as well as your garage. Whether it’s for storing tools or accessories, you’ll find several interesting storage ideas.

1. Wood Pallet Garden Tool Storage

Do you no longer know how to dispose of all the garden tools you have at home? Every year you buy a new rake or a new shovel?

Here is an interesting idea that allows you to recycle old wooden pallets to store shovels, pitchforks, brooms and garden rakes in the garage or shed.

storage of garden tools with a wooden pallet

2. Homemade hardware storage for the workshop

Is your workshop overflowing with screws, nails and other small hardware and accessories for your renovation and DIY work?

Why not use small glass baby jars with lids to make your own hardware storage? Great storage idea to classify all the nails, screws and hardware.

Hardware storage for workshop and garage

For other practical storage ideas for screws and nails here is another article to read: How to store your hardware?

3. PVC storage for storing tools

Do you have a lot of tools in your workshop or garage? So here is a simple trick to do and which consists of using PVC pipes to store your tools such as screwdrivers, hammers, pliers, etc.

PVC pipes for storing tools in the workshop and garage

4. Store paintbrushes in a workshop

It’s always the same thing, once the walls are painted, you never know where to put the paint and stain brushes.

Here is a simple tip for storing brushes in the workshop. It is also a good trick to dry the brushes once cleaned.

store paint and stain brushes in the workshop

5. Store electrical extensions

Do you have several extensions and ropes lying around in the garage and the workshop in the basement?

So here is a great trick to store and organize your electric extensions and cords on the wall of the workshop.

Storage tip for electrical extensions and rope in a garage

6. Store Building Materials

If you’re like me and have a lot of planks and other building materials in the workshop then here is a hanging storage for the ceiling!

storage hanging from the ceiling in the garage

7. Garage Storage Idea

Here is an idea for a complete and optimized storage for the garage. It’s hard to get more tidy and tidy than this garage.

As soon as you see discounts on storage bins in the flyers or online, then run quickly to buy some, it’s so practical for storing almost everything in the garage and elsewhere in the house.

Storage tip with bins in the garage

8. Storage tip for screwdrivers

If you don’t have a lot of screwdrivers in your workshop then here is a little storage to do yourself using a simple board. Simple and even pretty as a storage idea!

storage idea for screwdrivers in the workshop

9. Storage for small spaces

If you don’t have a lot of space to store all your accessories and tools, why not use the back of a closet door, for example?

Don’t forget to solidify the back of the door with plywood. It will also be easier to install storage thanks to this plywood.

Storage behind the workshop door

10. An ingenious idea for storage in a garage

WOW, another ingenious idea for storing all your tools in the garage and workshop. Saw, hammer, screwdriver, pliers, everything is in its place thanks to this wall storage module.

Storage idea for tools in a workshop

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