Storage idea for toys

How to quickly and neatly store all the toys?

At home, your children’s toys and games can quickly make the house messy, so what can you do to fix it? How about discovering some ideas for tidying up all the toys?

10 Tips therefore offers you storage ideas for toys and games.

Ideas for storing toys:

1. Shoe storage for toys ?

Here is a very simple idea to hang behind the door of your child’s bedroom or the playroom. Simply use a vertical shoe rack to store toys, stuffed animals and children’s games instead.

shoe rack for storing toys and games

source: mommo-design

2. Store bath toys

Do you know what to do with all your child’s bath toys in the bathroom? Here is a storage and organization idea for bath toys that you will definitely love!

storage and organization of bath toys

source: theinspiredhome

3. Storage bins

A very simple idea but sometimes difficult to keep in order… Storage bins. Perfect for keeping a little order in the living room or other rooms in the house.

storage bin to organize toys in the living room

source: Pinterest storage

4. Use one closet for all toys

If you have the space downstairs why not use a walk-through closet or wardrobe to store all the toys. This gives you better control over your children’s toys and games.

storage and organization of toys and games in a wardrobe

source: boxwoodclippings

5. Upcycled Bookshelf into Toy Storage

You can also give a second life to an old bookcase or dresser that you transform into storage for the games and toys of the little ones.

turn a bookcase into toy storage

source: theidearoom

6. Store toys under the bed

If there are a lot of toys in your child’s room why not store them under his bed? Here’s an idea for making your own storage drawer to place under a bed.

storage drawer under the bed for toys

source: grillo-designs

7. Toy box on wheels

Easy to make yourself and perfect for storing and organizing your child’s toys and games. Here’s a picture of what your rolling storage bin might look like:

Storage box on wheels for games and toys

source: Tip and Tip

8. Shelf for storing toys

Here are the perfect shelves for storing and especially organizing all your children’s toys and games in the house.

shelf for storing games and toys

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