Storing and Storing Firewood

But where to store all your firewood this winter?

Do you heat the house with a fireplace or wood stove during the winter? Personally, I find the warmth of a wood-burning fireplace so comforting on cold winter days.

Discover our 10 tips and ideas for properly storing all the firewood in the house or outside the house.

An outdoor shelter for the wood

Here is the perfect shelter for those who heat mainly with wood during the winter. The perfect place to store a large amount of firewood.

Outdoor shelter for firewood

Wood storage under the basement stairs

An idea for storing firewood this winter, under the stairs in the basement. Make sure the wood is perfectly dry to prevent insects from entering your home.

store firewood under the stairs

Build a firewood shed

If you don’t want to store your firewood in the house in the basement or in the garage, you can build a shed like in the photo below. Perfect for storing all your firewood for this winter.

outdoor shelters for storing firewood

A rack for storing wood in the house

You can also make or buy a rack to store the wood right in the house near your fireplace.

rack for storing wood in the house

Decorative furniture for storing wood

Another idea for storing some of your firewood in the house, a decorative and rustic piece of furniture. Perfect for blending into your home decor.

Furniture for storing firewood in the house

Make a support for stringing the wood

A small wooden support to make easily to string your firewood this winter. It can be easily placed on the balcony, in the basement or even in the garage.

String firewood

Wall rack for firewood

If you have the space and the decor to arrange it all, here is a wall rack to store your firewood.

wall rack for storing wood in the house

Metal rack for wood this winter

If you’re looking for a modern yet chic idea for storing firewood around the house, you’ll love the metal rack in this photo.

Metal rack for firewood

Use old wooden pallets

An old wooden pallet under the balcony? Why not make with your wooden pallets a storage for your firewood in the house?

Storage for wood with wooden pallet

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