Strange Beasts: strange pets in augmented reality

This is a science fiction short film that could give some insight into what augmented reality will allow in the future. This video features users taking care of curious animals through a rather incredible application.

Unlike virtual reality, which immerses us in a different universe, augmented reality adds virtual content to our environment and allows us to have interactions. However, what does the future hold for us? For more meaning, you have to imagine that this already existing technology in the form of glasses is miniaturized (nanotechnologies) and reduced to the simple use of kinds of contact lenses.

The future of augmented reality applications also raises questions and that’s where the short film comes in Strange Beasts, lasting just over five minutes. Do you remember the Tamagotchi, the famous electronic toy from the 1990s allowing you to take care of a virtual animal? The short movie Strange Beasts evokes a fictional augmented reality application based on a similar principle.

In the near future, a certain Victor introduces himself as a developer and reveals Strange Beasts, his augmented reality game. Multiple creations and customizations of creatures as strange as friendly and interactions with them seem to be the heart of the application.

« All of this is possible thanks to a retinal nanotechnology that superimposes computer-generated images on the real world by projecting a field of digital light directly into the eye », explains the fake developer.

While maintaining that there is absolutely nothing dangerous, the man touts this technology as acquiring supervision. The interested party also mentions the interest of having an eternal virtual companion, a pet that will not bring the inconveniences of a real animal.

Here is the surprising short film Strange Beasts written by the French Magali Barbé, including a sad and relevant moral:

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