Stuck zipper: How to fix it?

How to easily unblock a stuck zipper? On jeans, a coat or a sweater, do not force too hard to unblock a stuck zipper!

My kids’ winter coats and pants are constantly jamming so here are my tips for fixing a stuck zipper.

1. Check if the zipper is stuck in the fabric

In the majority of cases when a zipper gets stuck it is because the fabric of the garment is stuck between the teeth of the zipper.

  • Gently pull the tissue to remove it from the dentition (use tweezers to ease the stain).
  • Do not pull too hard to avoid damaging the garment and always pull in the opposite direction of the zipper.
  • Once the fabric is removed you can move the zipper to make sure it is unlocked.

2. Rub the zipper with soap

If the zipper is stuck or rather difficult to slide then dry soap is something to try!

  • Rub the zipper with a bar of soap (inside and outside).
  • Move up and down to grease well and unblock the zipper.

You can also use a candle (solid wax) instead of soap to scrub and loosen a stuck zipper.

3. Slide a zipper with a pencil

For a zipper that is stuck or difficult to slide, the lead pencil trick works very well!

  • Rub the zipper with the pencil lead.
  • Close and open the zipper several times to fix it well.

4. A lubricant to loosen a stuck zipper

Lubricating products can be used to unblock or rather improve the sliding of the zipper of a coat or a backpack for example.

You can very well use a homemade lubricant or better yet a Zip Care type lubricant designed specifically for zippers.

A little glycerin for a blocked zip!

You can also replace the lubricant with liquid glycerin which is very effective in unblocking a stuck zip.

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