Tattooing: a new technique for more real-than-life plant motifs

In Ukraine, a new technique has just appeared in a tattoo parlour. A technique that aims to make tattoos of plant motifs even more realistic.

When we talk about tattooing, we know that each tattoo artist uses their own technique. There is the technique which consists of following previously drawn stencils and another a little more complicated, which is to draw directly on the skin without any model. But the Ukrainian tattoo artist Rita Zolotukhina – Rit Kit by her nickname – has developed a new concept combining inking and ecology which should appeal to more than one artist.

This technique, which aims to make all plant tattoos even more realistic, consists of taking a real leaf or flower and using it as a natural stencil. The process takes place in three steps: the leaf or flower is dipped in the temporary ink which is then pressed against the client’s skin. After a short time, the sheet is removed from the skin to reveal the trace that will serve as a model. We finish by ironing with indelible ink this time, the first impression. This results in a very subtle and concrete tattoo.

The one who describes herself as a « nature lover » to Illusion magazine explains that as her drawings related to nature, she felt the need to make her productions more « fresh and unique ». Rita today describes her tattoos as « botanical imprints ». She even explains that this technique has become her favourite: “It’s the way of tattooing that I prefer, it’s the most natural for me”.

For more examples, you can visit Rit Kit’s Instagram account.

Source: Konbini

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