Tesla vehicles are now 100% autonomous!

The announcement was made last night by the CEO of Tesla: the successor to Autopilot is called Tesla Vision and now allows fully autonomous driving. This announcement follows that of the German transport regulator, which had, a few days ago, deemed the Autopilot function dangerous and had asked Tesla to no longer use this term in its advertisements.

Elon Musk, the boss of Tesla, declared that from now on, all the models of the mark will benefit from equipment allowing a completely autonomous driving, including with regard to the Model 3. And that is rather good, because in Germany, the previous device, Autopilot, was recently deemed unsafe and authorities had ordered Tesla to take communication precautions.

With the Tesla Vision equipment, the firm intends to materialize its Master Plan Part 2, the aim of which is to reduce the expenses linked to the acquisition of a car, but also to develop a car-sharing service as well as to strengthen the safety of their vehicles. Indeed, we know how much self-driving cars raise questions, especially since this week, another accident took place, since one of these cars hit a truck in Singapore.

According to Elon Musk, the Tesla Vision will « a level of safety significantly higher than that of a human driver ».

There was indeed an intermediate step, namely an Autopilot 2.0, but faced with the reluctance of Germany, Tesla decided to directly offer its best level of security. From now on, the vehicles will have, in addition to the frontal radar, 8 cameras (including 3 frontal) allowing a 360° vision with a range of 250 meters, but also 12 new ultrasonic sensors, whose range has been almost multiplied. by two. As for the data, they will be processed by a « Titan » chip from Nvidia, 40 times more efficient than the old one.

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