Test the Hyperloop in virtual reality!

The Hyperloop has recently regained momentum in the media with a new line project between Spain and Morocco. A new video showing in virtual reality what a trip by this revolutionary means of transport will look like has also been released on the Internet.

The Hyperloop project is taking more and more shape. There was talk last year of a connection project in Eastern Europe between the cities of Prague, Brno and Bratislatava and a Dubai – Abu Dhabi line. However, another project could materialize well before these: that of a link between Madrid (Spain) and Tangier (Morocco).

The purpose of such a link is to bring Africa a little closer to Europe and to optimize trade between these two continents. However, we don’t have any details on the Hyperloop’s cargo-carrying capabilities. Indeed, the project was rather presented as a new means of passenger transport, but you never know.

Remember that the Hyperloop project launched in 2013 by Elon Musk is still in the testing and development phase. This hypersonic train designed to move on rails by magnetic conduction should reach a maximum speed of between 1000 and 1200 km/h depending on the sources.

(Photo credit: Hyperloop One)

The Hyperloop video posted by Space X (at the end of the article) can be seen with any virtual reality headset. Produced in 360° from a capsule prototype that comes from proposals from a competition launched by Hyperloop with several universities in order to optimize transport capsules.

In this video of about 1 minute and 30 seconds, the first of its kind concerning the Hyperloop, we are shown the launch of the capsule at a fairly low speed and the walls which scroll before the machine stops its course.

Sources: Virtual-Reality — Presse Citron

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