The benefits of green tea on the skin

How to use green tea on the skin?

Drinking a good green tea is comforting and perfect for starting the day off right. But green tea is also an excellent ally for overall health and offers many benefits for the skin.

10 Tips offers you in this article to discover some benefits and properties of green tea for the skin.

The benefits of green tea on the skin:

1. Wash your face with green tea

Did you know that it was possible to wash your face with green tea? Indeed, it is enough to soak a bag of green tea in cold water and then use this water to wash your face.

As green tea is an excellent antioxidant, this water is ideal for washing the skin of your face.

Once washed with green tea, the skin of the face will be perfectly clean and purified.

2. A green tea face mask

There are several recipes for homemade beauty masks to make at home. Did you know that green tea can be used for such a recipe?

Indeed, why not create your own beauty mask for the face with green tea? Here’s how to make this face mask:

  • Take the contents of a green tea bag and mix with organic honey.
  • Apply the mask to the face and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Rinse the entire face well to finish.

Thanks to this green tea and honey mask, your skin will be clean and deeply cleansed.

3. A face wash with green tea

As we already mentioned above, green tea has effective antioxidant properties so using it as a skin cleanser is a great idea. Here’s how:

  • Infuse the green tea and let this infusion cool.
  • Mix the green tea infusion with a facial cleanser.

An excellent trick to ensure a good cleaning of the skin of the face but also of the body.

4. Green tea against acne

Do you have a few pimples on your face? Well did you know that green tea is very effective against acne and pimples on the face?

Indeed, as green tea is an excellent 100% natural antibacterial, it quickly treats mild and moderate acne.

You can therefore mix green tea with your face lotion or buy an anti-acne product made from green tea online.

5. A green tea steam bath

The steam bath is an excellent beauty treatment for the skin and face. So now imagine the benefits of a green tea steam bath for the skin!

Just boil your green tea and use the vapors of hot water and green tea for your steam bath. 5 minutes are needed to really feel the effects of green tea on your skin.

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  • Deeply cleanses and hydrates the face
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6. Protect your skin with green tea

Green tea contains a lot of vitamin C and therefore helps to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Mixed with natural yogurt, green tea also helps quickly relieve sunburn.

The mixture of yogurt and green tea is a really effective natural remedy against this type of redness and sunburn on the skin.

7. Aging skin

Are you looking for tips and remedies for premature skin and face aging? Well green tea may be the magic bullet to slow down skin aging!

Indeed, green tea consumed in a cup of tea or incorporated into your skin care beauty treatments helps to control and prevent premature aging of the skin and face.

Green tea helps prevent skin aging by removing harmful oxygen from your body that is often linked to this skin problem.

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