The NSA dreamed of psychic bombs during the 1970s!

Documents recently declassified by the CIA tell us that the authorities of the United States were thinking of destroying entire cities through the use of psychic and telekinetic weapons.

The offices of the American intelligence services have been the scene of the development of some rather incredible ideas such as a project to create brainwashed assassins. The freedom of information NGO MuckRock made another discovery: that of a memorandum from the National Security Agency (NSA) evoking a potential “psychic bomb”.

The two-page document is presented as an “informal note”. It was titled parapsychological weapon and written during the Cold War by an author whose identity we do not know. The document lists “strange occurrences having to do with parapsychology”in other words, the science of psychic powers, which has always been considered to be very controversial.

In particular, it is explained that an American journalist was arrested in Moscow in June 1977 by the intelligence service of the Soviet Union (KGB) in possession of a « Soviet research paper » pretend “contain evidence that parapsychology has a physical basis, PSI particles”. These would be found inside living cells and could be detected during cell division. The document states that convincing demonstrations of « telekinetic power » took place in communist laboratories.

The document also states that some physicists (“including the famous evolutionist, Teilhard de Chardin”) believe that the universe is perceivable as a  » big thought «  rather than a « big machine ». For the author, what would allow reality to exist is consciousness and he does not hesitate to declare that “the will, within consciousness, invokes and concentrates energy” before describing this energy which “condenses into particles which join into atoms, elements, etc. » It is therefore necessary to understand here that it is enough to think very strongly about matter to make it appear out of nowhere.

The author goes on to state that “telekinetic experiments seem to show that human consciousness (…) can generate a new form of energy capable of moving or even altering matter”. According to him, while conducting tests on the illusionist Uri Geller, British researchers saw objects disappear while some reappeared.

This is already a lot, but the memorandum uses the « scientific » considerations developed above in order to detail two destructive devices, namely a telekinetic time bomb and a very powerful psychic bomb. The first bomb would be an individual conditioned to deploy his powers involuntarily under the effect of stress. A war situation is explained where an enemy commander could be subjected to such treatment and would then cause the defeat of his side since “objects would start to move, disappear and all communication would become impossible”.

The second bomb is even more incredible, as much as improbable. In the event that a dozen people capable of « telekinetic disruptive powers » gathered in the same place, « a chain reaction would force matter to turn back in a sea of ​​energy or be displaced in time and space ». The ultimate question is: could such a weapon hit an entire city? This question made sense in the midst of the Cold War, during which the arms race was one of the main issues.

As incredible as it may seem, the document was not considered a hoax or fabric of fabrications and the CIA had not hidden its membership in the Stargate collection. The US Army’s Stargate Project was intended to apply parapsychological phenomena to the military realm. Abandoned in 1995, it is now declassified and full of mind-blowing reports and erroneous results.

Sources: MotherBoard – Next Impact

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