The short film that will erase your desire for immortality

At a time when modifying humans is an increasingly conceivable notion (cyborgs) or even considering that cryonics could one day work, a question arises: what if human beings became immortal? By watching this sinister short film, your fantasy of immortality is sure to be a thing of the past!

This famous short film entitled In joy and good humor evokes a near future in which the human body is able to regenerate itself in a perpetual way after the incorporation into our DNA of the genome of the Turritopsis Nutriculaa tiny (4-5mm) theoretically immortal jellyfish capable of reversing the aging process.

We are also not totally in the fiction since the properties of this jellyfish have actually been studied in a Japanese laboratory for more than twenty years! The short film evokes an immortality, an invincibility, but also indicates that “This discovery could well sound the death knell for humanity. »

Farewell to road accidents, daily sores and hello to growing limbs, regenerating bodies and hearts beating again. Welcome to the era of death stranding as director Jeanne Boukraa wanted to show it. If invincibility is very often shown as something beneficial in literature and cinema, this is absolutely not the case here.

In joy and good humor is violent, not to be shown to sensitive souls and children. It is assumed that under cover of immortality, humanity could be even more violent than it is today and precisely, the impossibility of finding death in this case could not be more gloomy. !

Finally, before finding solutions to make humans immortal, shouldn’t we rather take care of people whose existence deserves a little more consideration?

Sources: Konbini – 20 Minutes

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