This electric wakeboard will revolutionize board sports

This young Swedish start-up called Radinn AB (Radical Innovation) is preparing to market next year a brand new wakeboard system that intends to revolutionize most board sports.

In 2012, the Swedish company imagined an autonomous electric wakeboard. Philip Werner is the founder of this Swedish company and the electric wakeboard is his first invention. Radinn AB is based in Lund in the Ideon Science Park and has the help of students to carry out this project, as Philip Werner started this project when he was at Lund University, the company has was founded in 2013, 1 year after the start of the prototype.

The use made during the tests allows the designers of this wakeboard to situate its practice between water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. Radinn AB announces that its wakeboard will be silent, but above all wireless, it should be controlled remotely by a remote control. A simple press of a button would allow you to pick up speed whatever the body of water. However, to the delight of board sports enthusiasts, professional wakeboarders have indicated that the sensations have been very well worked out and that it feels like you are on a wakeboard surfing the waves, all that is more. ordinary.

Autonomy displayed at 30 minutes

As previously announced, the Radinn AB wakeboard should arrive on the market in 2015, the first fully functional prototype was launched in May 2014. In order to boost sales, the Swedish start-up displays a totally « Made in Sweden » manufacturing. A little anecdote for our dear French readers, the last test location was none other than France, more precisely the Gorges du Verdon located in the French Alps.
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