This extreme haunted house will put you through Hell… or even worse!

A few months ago, I was telling you about this horror camping usa, which promised to give its customers the most terrible night’s sleep. Well, this campsite seems like a sweet starry dream next to McKamey Manor, this hell and horror attraction located in San Diego, California. To finish convincing the tempted, Russ McKamey, its founder, assures that no one has ever managed to complete this attraction…

Because it is real torture, the real thing that is offered to you at McKamey Manor, and this for a period of between 4 and 7 hours! Nothing to do with a good laugh in a somewhat terrifying attraction, here, you will even be made to sign a waiver, a very legal contract which stipulates that once the event has begun, nothing can stop it, except « fainting or the onset of madness ».

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To have the right to enter this den of Hell, you must be at least 21 years old and be in perfect physical condition. A maximum of two people at a time are allowed to experience a real nightmare, where the worst atrocities will be imposed on you by surprise: you will be abused, locked in cages with snakes and the like, tied up, fed on larvae and fetuses of chicks, sprinkled with blood… We may even put your head in the toilet!

It should be noted that entrance to this « amusement park » is free (at the same time who would pay for it?), all you have to do is register on the mansion’s website, and that’s Russ McKamey, the founder himself who will decide whether you are suitable or not. So, candidates?

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– Illustrations: McKameyManor

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