This innovative glove will allow you to lift 40 kg effortlessly!

In Portugal, a team of researchers has succeeded in developing a serious asset for people who have suffered a trauma limiting their muscular capacities, an exoskeletal glove allowing them to lift loads of up to forty kilos without special effort.

Portuguese engineers and researchers have succeeded in developing an incredible glove intended for the rehabilitation of sick or traumatized people and which is able to replace the loss of motor skills related to the hand. People equipped with this glove presented by the Portuguese company Nuada will be able to lift loads of up to forty kilograms without any extra effort.

The idea came from a personal experience for one of the founders of the Nuada company. Filipe Quinaz, practiced a martial art and faced a problem of muscle atrophy after breaking his wrist. The name chosen for his company owes nothing to chance.  » In Celtic mythology there was a god who was considered the king of the gods and his name was Nuada. He was kind and helped people. However, during a battle his hand was cut off. Thus, he was no longer perfect and was therefore forced to give up his throne. Then a tyrant came and plunged humanity into darkness. However, the god of healing gave the king of the gods a silver prosthesis and he became perfect again. “, he explains to the magazine sputnik.


The applications for this exoskeletal glove are obvious in the medical field to allow people suffering from trauma to recover motor functions, but also for the elderly for example. But this glove could also find other applications, particularly in the military field.  » Units of the Portuguese army, as well as foreign armies, including the Americans, have already contacted us, as they are all very interested in our technology “, adds Mr. Quinaz.


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