This is the future of the spacesuit: the single-seater!

To go into space, astronauts must wear a space suit and to put on this outfit, they must spend a good hour there! That’s why Genesis Engineering Solutions has launched a competition for students to imagine the interior of a small single-seat spacecraft.

This competition involved the creativity of the students by integrating it into the design project of the single-seat spacecraft of the company Genesis Engineering Solutions (GES), the latter explaining that the mini-vessel in question is pressurized with the aim of perform tasks while allowing the astronaut to remain dressed normally, so without a suit.

As for the outer shell, however, it is not pressurized, in order to protect the pilot from possible impacts from micrometeorites and orbital debris. Namely that this little gem can be controlled directly, but can also be remote-controlled.

The design of the winning ship in the GES competition was developed by the WHISPS team at the Florida Institute of Technology. For example, an astronaut can quickly carry out maintenance operations on the International Space Station or take samples from an asteroid.

The astronaut’s arms are replaced by robotic arms, giving the ship the look of a single-seater submarine as it already exists. The difference lies mainly in the position of the astronaut, since the latter will find himself in a vertical posture.

The GES contest was initially about the interior of the ship, however it was difficult for the students to tell the difference between the exterior and the interior of the ship, which led them to completely redesign the latter.

Here is a presentation video published by Genesis Engineering Solutions:

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