This is what Thomas Pesquet’s space chamber looks like on the ISS

Life in space is subject to many questions. All the details of daily life and more stupidly the interior of a space station can seem strange and leave room for all the fantasies in those who do not know all the secrets. If you are one of the people who are wondering, this video published by ESA will make you happy!

We find there indeed Thomas Pesquet who had joined the International Space Station on the night of Saturday November 19 to Sunday November 20, 2016. The latter briefly presents the different cabins of the crew and continues in more detail on his named cabin which he describes as a small like a phone booth « . Once inside, he explains the different comforts he has access to like two computers and an iPad. He explains that he can contact his relatives by email and use Skype with a headset.

A little hint of life in gravity: a wall decorated with office supplies and various and varied objects firmly fixed in their place! There is also a nod to this festive period with an Advent calendar prominently displayed on the wall. Finally to answer the question of how they sleep up there, it seems that their sleep is rather good for Thomas Pesquet who takes the opportunity to show us the duvet in which he puts his arms. Enough to imagine a little more clearly the end of a working day in space!

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