This neural network intended for flirting uses sacred approach phrases!

Could a computer be able to flirt online better than a human being? When we take note of the many people who are too direct or too vulgar on social networks and other dating sites, it is possible to consider this possibility with some seriousness.

At a time when online dating is firmly anchored in mores, it turns out that in passing, flirting techniques are also in most cases in addition to being virtual. A simple  » Salvation «  Where « hey » is supposed to give you the keys to the heart of a virtual sweetheart who is still a physical person on the other end! In short, virtual relationships have unfortunately dropped along the way a quality essential to seduction: originality.

Advances in technology are still trying to solve a new problem that could however be easily avoidable. According to The Verge, researcher Janelle Shane from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California, San Diego looked into the matter.

Having a neural network, the scientist used it to generate approach sentences capable of seducing a female interlocutor (or interlocutor). On her blog, the engineer explains that she used the classic method of machine learning by allowing the famous neural network to ingest a database of existing approach phrases in order to make her understand how humans interact online.

The researcher faced a problem because  » most [des phrases] were obscene, aggressive, and a bit insulting” besides being tasteless. The good surprise however came from the network itself, having independently set aside the coarsest formulas to confine itself, for example, to simple “Hey baby, do you want to…”. This was then proof of the network’s ability to recognize disrespect, if not to be a great poet.

The neural network is also the author of some pretty stupid creations, but at least this one got the credit for trying! “You are so beautiful that just seeing you makes me feel better” Where “I want to see you in my heart” are part of the registry. The rest of the sentences are simply incomprehensible or contain unforgivable syntax errors, but at least the network never falls into disrespect or vulgarity, that’s already it!

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