This robot will soon accompany the Parisian firefighters!

Colossus is an imposing multifunction robot that will equip the firefighters of Paris from April 2017. Gathering information, transporting injured people and equipment or even extinguishing the fire will be part of the missions of this robot made in France!

The appearance of Colossus will not deceive anyone, the latter is indeed a robot intended to lend a hand to firefighters. Presented during the National Outdoor Robotics Competition which took place at Le Bourget on March 7, 2017, the imposing Colossus caused a sensation as shown in the video to be viewed at the end of the article.

Developed by the French start-up Shark Robotics, Colossus is none other than an assistant robot. Its creator Jean-Jacques Topalian says so himself, considering that“It is not a question of replacing the firefighters, but of assisting them”.
The main attraction of this robot is its water cannon, allowing fire and gas to be extinguished at a significant distance, which prevents men from coming into contact.

However, Colossus has more than one trick up its sleeve! Indeed, it is able to carry out reconnaissance in the field by taking temperature readings and evaluating the presence of gas thanks to its sensors. Do not be mistaken on one point: Colossus is not an autonomous robot since it is constantly piloted remotely by a firefighter. This was also the will of the twenty Parisian barracks consulted by Shark Robotics to receive this equipment.

(Image credit: Shark Robotics)

Colossus is very imposing with its 500 kg and its design makes it a very robust machine. The latter has an aluminum coating that can be reinforced with shielding and its impressive power is with its two motors of 4000 W each. The robot is able to move 250 meters of pipes filled with water at a speed of 6 km/h, which “represents a load of two tons” and the strength of “15 men to accomplish this task”according to Jean-Jacques Topalian.

This force can also be used to transport an injured person placed on a stretcher or even tens of kilos of equipment. The inventor of Colossus continues with this remark:

“In Monaco, for example, firefighters have to climb many stairs with 100 kilos of equipment on their backs. When they arrive on site, they are already tested. »

The Paris Fire Brigade will be equipped with them next month.

The video :

Sources: 01net – Generation NT

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