This spherical monitoring robot is capable of occupying your pets

Here is the LG Rolling Bot, a spherical monitoring robot capable of performing a few tasks at home, including keeping pets busy during their moments of solitude.

It was during the MWC 2016 (Mobile World Congress) taking place in Barcelona, ​​Spain, the Korean manufacturer LG unveiled its G5 smartphone, but also a range of small devices. Among them is the LG Rolling Bot, a spherical-shaped robot that rolls around the house like a ball.

Controlled via a smartphone app, the robot, which is about half the size of a bowling ball, has an 8-megapixel camera so it can capture everything that happens at home, whether you’re there. or not. He can also do acts as a remote control for other devices in your home like television.

According to LG, the Rolling Bot is primarily a small companion robot for your child or  » your pet“. Thus, it is equipped with a laser pointer, which cats are so fond of, remotely controllable, and the robot also has a microphone with a loudspeaker in order to chat with the dog or the people at home. When its battery is close to being discharged, the Rolling Bot is smart enough to return to its charging station on its own. For the moment, the release date and the price of the Rolling Bot have not been revealed by the Korean manufacturer.

Source: techcrunch

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