Tidy up your room, 10 storage tips

Optimize the storage of your bedroom!

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your room clean! Clothes often end up strewn all over the place, dust collects easily, and the bedroom can even end up smelling musty.

Would you like to be able to tidy your room quickly and efficiently? Well here are 10 tips for tidying up your room!

1. Put things in one place

In order not to constantly search, get into the habit of always storing your things in the same place in the room. This also applies to clothes of course.

2. Tighten unworn clothes

There are always a lot of clothes that we refuse to get rid of, but which are never worn. These clothes are bulky and take up way too much space in your drawers and closet. So find a box or a single drawer in which you put the clothes you wear the least.

3. Regularly sort clothes in the bedroom

Every 6 months, do a general sorting of all your clothes. Clothes you no longer like or don’t fit should be donated immediately! Thus, you will gain more space and you will avoid the clutter in the bedroom.

4. Have storage boxes

In your bedroom wardrobe, it would be more functional to have storage boxes in which you could classify objects, books, accessories, photo albums and others in order to avoid clutter.

5. Find space in the bedroom

If your wardrobe is full and it is possible for you to do so, know that you can always store things under your bed! To avoid dust and dirt, put everything in boxes or bags. You’ll also need to be able to pull these things out easily to be able to sweep through them.

6. Have a large laundry basket in the bedroom

Instead of throwing your dirty clothes on the floor, buy a big laundry basket to put your clothes in.

7. Put the books away

Throw the magazines in the recycling and store your books in a bookcase provided for this purpose in the bedroom or elsewhere in the house.

8. Sweep or vacuum regularly

Floor dust accumulates quickly in a bedroom. Hair, dust and all kinds of dirt end up there. So vacuum regularly to prevent dust balls from taking over your room.

9. Tidy up your room as you go

To avoid big messes and discouragement, get into the habit of putting everything away as you go. So your room stays tidy at all times.

10. Change the decor of the bedroom

To encourage you in your cleaning and storage, you can have fun changing your decor! Sometimes all you have to do is change your furniture to see a difference! It feels good and it’s more motivating then to tidy up and keep your room beautiful.

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