Tip against the common cold

Did you catch a cold?

It’s been several winters since I’ve had to fight a cold probably because of all those little tricks my grandmother gave me and found here and there online and in magazines. Sore throat, headache, runny nosecongestion, sneezing all unpleasant symptoms of a nasty cold.

So, I suggest you share ten of the best tips to fight the winter scourge of the common cold and to relegate this inconvenience to oblivion.

1. Wash your hands so you don’t catch a cold

It is known that the common cold is spread by direct contact with a person who is also affected. Thus, the affected person blows his nose and will spread the virus on his hands with which he will then touch the telephone, the computer keyboard or any other object. As germs live for hours, they will be spread on these same objects. It is therefore important to wash your hands frequently and appropriately. to avoid spreading the common cold to the people around us.

2. Avoid touching your nose

Do not touch your nose unnecessarily with your fingers when you have the flu. Use a tissue paper to blow your nose and don’t leave it lying around. Get rid of them to prevent the spread of the cold virus to other members of the household.

3. Don’t touch your face with your hands

The viruses responsible for colds and colds spread through the mouth, eyes and nose. Carefully avoid touching these areas of your face so as not to spread these viruses unnecessarily. Also ask small children not to touch these parts of your face to avoid spreading.

4. Drink plenty of water to cure a cold

The adage says to drink plenty of fluids to eliminate the common cold which is totally true. Water will keep you hydrated and get rid of germs and viruses responsible for the common cold.

5. Breathe in the fresh air

It may seem odd to you, but cold air improves resistance to germs and therefore helps prevent colds. So take a walk regularly as a preventive measure but also when the first signs of a cold are felt. Also, simply breathing in the fresh air outside can help clear your nose.

6. Take a steam bath for colds

A steam bath or sauna supplemented with essential oils of mint or eucalyptus will free your bronchial tubes of their secretions and give you relaxation before going to bed. The steam bath, to be tried daily before going to bed during a cold.

7. Exercise

Exercise is good for physical and mental health. In addition, exercise helps prevent colds because it stimulates the production of antibodies and releases stress, a common cause of colds.

8. Eat yogurt for colds

Scientific research has revealed that people who ate yogurt daily helps the production of antibodies against the common cold. Do not hesitate to put this healthy food on your menu.

9. Rest, the best thing for colds!

Once the symptoms of a cold appear, it is important to rest well in order to fight it effectively. Also remember that rest is a preventive measure in the fight against the common cold. Also, be careful not to make your cold worse by turning your little cold into the flu or bronchitis, for example.

10. Avoid smoking

Inhaling cigarette smoke causes paralysis of the cilia of the nose, the air filtering organs. By the same token, they would therefore let in germs and viruses responsible for the common cold.

11. Fight the common cold with lemon juice!

Indeed, if you begin a cold you must act quickly to prevent the cold from getting worse. A natural remedy for cold relief is lemon juice.

As lemon is rich in vitamin C, it is very useful to help the immune system to overcome colds and naturally fight against the flu.

It may therefore be interesting to drink lemon juice at the first signs of a cold. To improve the taste you can add 1 tablespoon of honey to lemon juice.

12. A recipe of lemon and ginger against the common cold

Lemon juice and honey for colds

Here is an even more effective recipe with lemon and ginger to quickly cure a cold.

Here’s how to make this grandmother’s remedy:

  • Mix the juice of 3 or 4 lemons with 2 tablespoons of grated ginger.
  • Add 2 tablespoon of honey to the ingredients.
  • Mix the 3 ingredients and store in the fridge.

You can take 3 tablespoons of this home remedy morning, noon and night until the cold goes away.

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