Tip for curling hair

How to curl your hair naturally? Girls with straight hair often dream of having frizzy and curly hair. Curly hair looks full of life and health so why not for you too!

I present to you today on 10-tricks tips for curling or curling hair.

1. Braids to curl hair

How about trying out a free, easy and quick trick to curl your hair at home? Here’s how:

  • Wet your hair in the shower and braid your hair.
  • Place a bath towel on the pillow and go to sleep.
  • Leave on overnight and the next morning remove your braids.

You will have very wavy hair with beautiful, well-defined curls.

The more you want your curly hair, the more you will have to do tight little braids. For bigger curls, do big, wide braids.

A quick and easy trick to curl and curl your hair naturally and for free!

2. A perm for curly hair

Combined with ammonia, the perm will fix your hair so that it is curly for a few months. The size of the loops will depend on the size of the rollers used.

It is best to go to a hair salon to get a professional perm to avoid unpleasant surprises.

3. Hair curlers to curl your hair

An effective trick for curling or rather curling the hair is of course the use of curlers! Here’s how to use curlers:

  • Simply wrap your strands of hair around small tubes that you will hold in place with a small stick or a plastic cage provided with the tube.
  • You then have to wait quite a long time to get well curly hair.

You can use tubes, sticks or foam rollers you have at home to curl and curl your hair if you prefer.

Do you know foam rollers for hair?

Here is a video from popular Youtuber Cynthia Dulude showing how to use the foam roller to curl hair.

Buy foam rollers for curly hair:

4. Use hot rollers

These rollers combine the effectiveness of curlers and curling iron at the same time. Here’s how to properly use them on hair:

  • Simply wrap your strands of hair around the hot rollers.
  • Leave the rollers in place (according to the time indicated on the instructions) and remove them afterwards in order to have beautiful wavy curls.

If you want to buy heated rollers, here are Remington brand ones:

Remington Heated Rollers

Remington Heated Rollers

  • 20 heated curlers in 3 different diameters
  • Eliminates frizz for more shine
  • For beautiful curly and frizzy hair

5. Curling the hair with a curling iron ?

Of course the best trick for curling hair is of course using the curling iron!

Indeed, if you are looking for an effective and fast way then the curling iron is the device you need to curl your hair.

It will be necessary to do strand by strand and use a good hairspray or styling mousse so that the hair stays curly throughout the day.

And yes, some flat irons have dual heating plates, so they heat on each side. It is therefore possible to use this type of flat iron to curl or rather to curl the hair.

  • Wrap a lock of hair and leave to act for a few moments.
  • Repeat for each section of hair.

The straightener is not so effective for curling but rather for making beautiful and big curls in the hair.

7. Use a good hairspray

In order for the hair to hold well and the curls not fall out after just a few minutes, it is important to use a good hairspray that will keep your curls in place.

Be careful, however, to use a quality hairspray, otherwise your hair will be much too dry and will have the appearance of being sprinkled with glue.

Even if your curly hair is held well by the hairspray, it’s important that it looks light and natural, isn’t it!?

8. Mousse and styling cream for curly hair

When you get out of the shower is your hair curly and “frilly”? If so then a styling mousse or cream can help you curl and frizz your hair even more!

Often sold in the form of mousse, there are also styling products in the form of cream and spray.

Here is a defining care-cream for beautiful curly hair:

9. Get a curly brushing

Have you ever heard of the curly brushing? Well to achieve a curly brushing you will need:

  • a hair dryer
  • a round hairbrush

Dry your hair, taking care to wrap your locks around the brush. Go hair strand by hair strand for the perfect end result!

10. Get rolled up buns

Much like the braid trick earlier on this page, the rolled bun is another great trick to temporarily curl your hair.

  • You have to wrap your hair to make buns on your head. Do it with previously wet hair.
  • Once your hair is rolled up and dried, undo your buns and you will have curly hair.

Want a nice brushing on curly hair?

If you have curly hair and want a nice brushing then this article explains in detail how to do it: How to do a brushing?

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