Tip for descaling a Nespresso machine

How to descale a Nespresso machine?

Are you one of the lucky ones to have a Nespresso coffee machine at home? It does not matter which Nespresso model you have, Evolo Deluxe, Inissia, Lattissima or Vertuoline, it is important to carry out a regular and complete descaling of the machine.

10-Trucs offers you below some tips for naturally descaling a Nespresso machine as well as the best descaling products.

Tips and products for descaling a Nespresso:

1. The steps to properly descale a Nespresso coffee machine

Before sharing the best descaling tips and products, here are some of the important steps for descaling a Nespresso.

  • Fill the coffee machine with water and make sure you have a container to collect the water
  • Add the descaling product to the water tank (liquid or powder descaling agent)
  • Activate the descaling mode of your coffee machine (check in your machine’s user guide)
  • Once the descaling steps are complete, rinse the tank well and then activate the rinsing mode
  • Fill with clear water again and run again to fill a large cup

Refer to the instructions for your Nespresso machine (Inissia, Essenza, Creatista, Lattissima, Vertuo, etc.) to find out in detail the descaling steps.

2. Use descaling tablets to clean everything

A popular and effective product for descaling your Nespresso is the use of descaling tablets. Just dissolve one tablet in water and add it to the coffee machine when you’re ready to start descaling.

Some users use 2 descaling tablets for more efficiency. Start with one tablet to start and if that’s not enough go with 2 next time.

Descaling tablet

Descaling tablet

  • Effectively descales Nespresso machines
  • Improves machine heating efficiency
  • Improves the taste of coffee

This descaling product is compatible with several brands of coffee machines including the following:

  • Nespresso
  • Tassimo
  • Bosch
  • Senseo

3. Use descaling capsules for Nespresso

A simple method to descale your Nespresso coffee machine is to use a special descaling capsule. These capsules are really very effective in addition to being easy to use.

Simple to use, here’s how:

  • Insert a descaling capsule into the Nespresso machine
  • Press the button 2x to pour a large coffee
  • A kind of foam will form which will dissolve unwanted residues in the machine.
  • After letting it act for 2 minutes, remove the capsule (be careful, it may be very hot)
  • We restart the machine for a big coffee to rinse everything well

Descaling capsules

Descaling capsules

  • Fast and efficient cleaning of the machine
  • Improves the aroma of your coffee
  • Extends the life of your Nespresso

4. A liquid descaler to clean the coffee machine

Finally, another effective and ecological descaling product is the super DeLonghi SER3018 Descaler.

Although this product is primarily designed for devices of this brand, it is also possible to use it for its Nespresso and others without problem.

Delonghi descaler

Delonghi descaler

  • Ecological and biodegradable descaler
  • For better coffee quality
  • TOP liquid descaler

5. Descale your Nespresso machine with white vinegar

If you are a regular reader of 10-trucs.com you know how white vinegar is an ingredient used in our tips and tricks. So can it be used for descaling your machine or not?

The answer is yes but no! Let me explain, yes white vinegar is an excellent way to descale naturally but it is not recommended to use it to descale an electric coffee machine such as a Nespresso machine.

Personally, I wouldn’t risk trying the vinegar trick on such an expensive coffee machine. With a very ordinary filter coffee machine yes, but a pod coffee machine certainly not.

On the other hand, to clean and descale a kettle, for example, vinegar is very effective, as you will discover here: How to clean a kettle?

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