Tip for successful makeup every time!

How to achieve your makeup? Whether for a natural or more marked makeup, the base remains the same.

I like the natural side of makeup personally. So I share with you my tips and advice for successful makeup.

1. Apply moisturizer before applying makeup

Before putting on foundation or makeup powder, it is very important to put a nourishing and moisturizing base on your skin.

In addition to nourishing your skin and face, the moisturizer will help your foundation glide on your skin and your makeup will look less dry.

For a luminous complexion!

This moisturizer will give your makeup a much longer hold in addition to being much brighter.

2. Apply a make-up base

Once you have applied the daytime moisturizer to your face, you can apply what is called a make-up base.

Apply before foundation!

This base is actually a product used to prepare the skin to receive makeup. It will also have the important task of making your foundation last throughout the day.

3. Apply foundation

To have a beautiful, even complexion with fewer visible imperfections, you can of course apply a foundation.

  • If you have oily skin: you can choose powder foundation or mineral foundation.
  • If you have dry skin: you can opt for a liquid foundation or a creamier foundation.

If you already have a beautiful complexion, then there is no need to put too much foundation on your face. A small powder or a small liquid foundation will be more than enough.

Choose the most natural foundation possible!

Cream foundations will be thicker and sometimes hide imperfections better. Choose a shade that matches your natural skin color as closely as possible.

4. Enhance the color of her cheeks

Do not hesitate to put on a little blush to enhance your beautiful cheekbones.

As natural as possible!

Small rosy cheeks give a fresh and youthful complexion, but be careful not to apply too much and above all do not choose a blush color that is too dark!

Apply your blush well!

You will often have the choice between a pink or peach color. When applying blush, smile as much as possible to bring out your cheeks and follow the outer cheek bone with your brush.

Here is a video that explains everything you need to know about blush:

5. Brighten her look with her makeup

The light surrounding the eye is always very pretty. So to illuminate your look why not choose a shimmering eye shadow!

You can also apply some pale eye shadow (silver or shimmer) below your eyebrow line and even dab a tiny bit in the lower corner of your eye.

Whether above or below the eyes, the shimmering shades are sure to brighten your look.

Makeup is an important element of femininity:

If you are looking for tips to look more feminine I recommend reading these tips and tricks: How to be more feminine?

6. Get a smokey eye

The smokey eye is the English expression for a piercing look with very accentuated, dark and showy makeup.

Here’s how to achieve your smokey eye:

  1. Apply one or more dark colors of eye shadow.
  2. Line the eyes well with black eyeliner above and black pencil below.
  3. Apply black mascara or false eyelashes to finish your makeup.

Video and tutorial to make a smokey eye:

7. A good balance with makeup

Ladies, here is a very important tip for successful makeup: balance!

Indeed, if you have heavily made-up and dark-colored eyes, it is preferable to choose a pale lipstick in order to balance and harmonize your make-up.

And on the contrary, if you choose a dark and bright red as your lipstick, it is better to lighten the color of the makeup around the eyes.

8. Accentuate her lips

To have beautiful lips you can choose a stick or cream lipstick (the famous gloss).

Luscious and shiny lips are still very trendy this year although the natural one is also becoming more and more popular.

Use a lip liner!

To accentuate the lips you can draw a small line slightly outside the lips. Always choose a pencil with the same shade as your lipstick or a slightly darker shade.

9. Camouflage your imperfections with makeup

Skin blemishes are common in both women and men and it’s totally normal.

Among the most common skin imperfections we can think of: dark circles, wrinkles, pimples and pigment spots.

Concealer and foundation!

To hide these imperfections on the face you can simply use concealer. You apply it all over where there are imperfections and then you apply your usual foundation.

10. Take advantage of pro makeup tips

Finally, for successful make-up, do not hesitate to ask for advice or to watch videos and beauty capsules on the subject of make-up on the Internet.

Youtube offers several beauty and makeup channels including the popular Youtube channel of Cynthia Dulude who is a professional makeup artist!

Do you have green eyes? Here are my own tips and tricks for putting makeup on and highlighting them well: Green eye makeup.

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