Tip to find money easily!

How to find money?

Who hasn’t dreamed of suddenly finding money somewhere! You know, by chance, just walking down the street!

Of course, finding money this way can be very long and arduous, but not impossible! 10-Trucs presents below tips and tricks to know where and how to find money.

Tips for finding money quickly:

1. Find money near banks

People are in such a rush that they could very well drop a few bills on the floor trying to put them in their wallets.

You never know, you might find some money near banks or near ATMs. Be careful, however, to always remain honest.

If you see someone dropping money, it will be important to give them back. We are talking here about finding money by chance, not stealing it!

2. Take a walk in the parks

Take advantage of the beautiful sunny day to go for a walk in the park near your home, who knows, maybe you can find a few euros here and there!

In a park, we have fun, we jump, we run, we slide and we swing! So it’s very easy to drop a few tickets without realizing it! Look carefully along the paths and in the grass.

3. Find money hidden in the sand at the beach

The beach is another great place to find cash quickly and easily! Indeed, wait until the end of the day, when all the vacationers leave home, to go for a walk on the page and find a few tickets easily.

Keep your eyes peeled and walk all over the beach moving the sand with your feet to make sure you don’t miss banknotes buried in the sand.

Get a metal detector to find money and other valuables even more easily at the beach.

4. Keep an eye out for locker rooms and the pool

People change in locker rooms and clothes are often transported all over the place, so it’s easy to lose money. So take a good look on the floor or in the lockers that are empty and open, maybe you’ll find some lost change.

Once again it is important to mention that one wishes to seek or rather find money completely by chance. Never STEAL people!

Investigate also near the swimming pool, around it as well as in the locker rooms. Again, people change quickly near public pools. They quickly take off their pants or jeans before jumping into the pool and can therefore lose money.

5. Walk around the casinos

In casinos, not only could you find money, but of course also chips which can be worth a lot of money!

So look close to the slot machines and on the carpets because there could be a few notes or a little change hidden there.

I repeat it again… WE DON’T FLY!

6. Check the lotto tickets left on the floor

Lots of people play the Lotto, although very few win any money! So first advice keep your money for something other than playing the Lotto!

Well back to our tips and tricks for finding money! People sometimes look too quickly at their lotto tickets and later believe the ticket is not a winner.

With all the numbers written on Lotto tickets, it’s easy to make mistakes. So people leave their “non-winning” tickets all over the place, but who knows, they might be winners!

7. Do a white magic ritual to attract money

If you like to test tips and remedies then why not do a white magic ritual to find or rather attract money to you?

Several white magic rituals help to get rich and increase the person’s luck. With a few ingredients and the right words, you could very well put the fate on your side and thus have more money.

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8. Print an Abundance Check

Do you like to test rituals from time to time? If so, have you ever heard of the famous abundance check from the Bank of the Universe? ?

This is a printable check that can be found everywhere online, but you can also use a real check at home.

In addition to attracting money to the house, you will attract health, love, good opportunities and much more thanks to this check.

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