Tips for a difficult end of the month!

What to do with the difficult end of the month?

Are your end of the month financially difficult? We have all experienced this one day or another: the difficult end of the month where we count our money and are not sure of arriving financially…

The wallet is light and the fridge is empty, in short, it’s not easy and above all it’s very scary! However, a few small tricks can be useful to get through. So here are 10 tips for you that will help you survive during these difficult times.

Tips and recipes for a difficult end of the month:

1. The collective kitchen for an easier end of the month

Groceries are getting more and more expensive. So why not share these costs with friends or family? Indeed, organize a group with whom you will buy what is needed to make some economical recipes and which are done in large quantities.

It will cost you maybe $15 or $20 each and you can cook big cauldrons of food that you then divide between yourselves. An excellent tip for cooking recipes at low cost for the end of the month which are more difficult.

2. Take extra time to make ends meet

If your end of the month is regularly difficult, do not hesitate to ask to work overtime! It could save your life and above all, you will be able to overcome the more difficult end of the month.

It’s usually easy to work a few more hours to earn a little more each month, just ask.

3. Find odd jobs to make the end of the month easier

Besides your main job, you can, if you have the time, try to work a few extra hours in another company. You can, for example, offer your services to do housework, babysit, walk your neighbours’ dog, etc. Are you the manual type? Offer your services as a handyman/woman. Finding work shouldn’t be complicated, especially if you’re highly motivated!

With a 2nd job you will easily add a few hours of salary to your income and it will thus be easier to make ends meet.

4. Cut expenses for difficult month-ends

When the end of the month is approaching and you see that the money is dwindling, it’s time to say: finished, expenses! You should prioritize bills and food only. So no outings, coffee at the local restaurant, or shopping for useless gizmos.

A car is expensive every month!

You have a car? Having a car is very expensive! Monthly payments, insurance, gas, repairs… that’s a lot! Why not choose to get around on foot or by bike? It’s amazing what you’ll save, while contributing to the health of the planet.

If you want more tips for spending less, see our article on how to make a personal budget!

5. Put money aside for emergencies

If your budget allows it, you should consider setting aside a little money each week for emergencies, including for the more difficult end of the month.

Even putting a few dollars a week aside will quickly give you a satisfying amount at the end of the month to buy some food when needed. And if you’re doing well financially this month, don’t touch that money and you’ll have double that next month!

6. Take advantage of discounts to avoid difficult month-ends

In order to avoid financial difficulties at the end of the month, it would be necessary to buy everything that is cheaper! It’s time to go hunting for different discounts and collect discount coupons to pay less.

Each week, look through the flyers you already receive in the mail and note where to find your food and hygiene products at the lowest price. In addition, some grocery stores and pharmacies display discount coupons directly on their website. All you have to do is print them out before you go there.

7. Buy only what you need

It’s crazy, all the superfluous that you can buy without really thinking about it. In anticipation of the more difficult days at the end of the month, try to buy only the essentials. Food, basic household and hygienic items and nothing more.

To help you, make a list before leaving, and stick to it! Also favor large recipes that cover several meals such as spaghetti sauces, shepherd’s pie, stews, etc. This type of meal idea is ideal for a more difficult end of me.

Buy used stuff and clothes!

And why not get into the habit of buying some things used? Take a tour of the thrift stores, you will find something to dress in style and without paying the big price. It is the same for furniture, kitchen accessories, and many others.

8. Buy certain items from $1 stores

There is no shame in frequenting this type of discount trade. There are many items at very low prices, including hygiene and cleaning products, household items, decorative accessories and even food.

Come on, no more misplaced pride, and go quickly to save money!

9. Make arrangements with creditors or service companies

If in a certain month you are absolutely unable to pay a bill, call the company immediately to let them know and make a payment arrangement. Thus, a solution will be found, you will not be in trouble and you will avoid paying interest or late fees.

If you find yourself in this situation every month, you might want to check with these companies (cable TV, mobile phone, etc.) if they don’t have a cheaper plan to offer you. You may have to make a small sacrifice, but your end of the month could be less difficult that way.

10. Debt consolidation to facilitate the end of the month

If the end of the month is still too difficult and you can no longer pay all your debts, you can ask to consolidate your debts so that your payments are reduced.

Contact your bank or an agency specializing in financial recovery, these experts will be able to help you improve your finances.

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