Tips for having hips… Beautiful hips!

How to have a beautiful hip shape?

A woman with beautiful hips gives the impression of having beautiful curves, having a sexy and firm figure in addition to adding femininity to her body.

With a few small tips and well-targeted exercises, it is possible to have beautiful, defined and well-defined hips. If you are ready to work for, 10 Tips presents you the top tips for having beautiful hips.

1. Exercises to have hips… Beautiful hips!

Of course if you want to have the most beautiful hips you must necessarily practice some specific exercises. 10 Tips offers you here some exercises to have hips, whether to lose weight in the hips or to gain hips.

Do gluteal abs for beautiful hips

  • Lie on your back with your arms stretched close to your body and palms up.
  • Bend your knees and raise your legs to 90 degrees.
  • Contract and lower one of your legs to the ground and then raise it again.

Do a set of 10 and do the same with the other leg. To firm up and have a nice hip shape, this gluteal abs exercise is ideal.

Do the lying scissor to have hips

Is your goal to take hips? If you want beautiful hips and above all beautiful shapes then the lying scissor or the Lying hip abduction is the perfect exercise.

  • You simply lie down on the floor, lying on your side.
  • You lift your high leg up and bring it back down.
  • Do a set of 15 and then do the same with the other leg.

Simulate the sitting position

  • Stay upright and bend your knees slightly to start.
  • Then, make as if you were going to sit by stretching your buttocks as far back as possible and then bending over as if you were going to put your buttocks on a chair.
  • Always keep your back straight and your chest staring at the horizon. Then go up and down until you’ve done a set of 15.

This exercise is great for having hips and especially for having beautiful shapes in the hips and buttocks.

Do exercises on all fours

For example, you can get on all fours and simply stretch your leg as far back and as high as possible. Then you bring your knee as close to your stomach as possible. Continue like this without ever putting your knees on the ground. Do a set of 15 to start and then alternate with the other leg.

Jogging to lose weight in the hips

Jogging slims the hips in addition to building the buttocks. Start by doing 20 minutes of running outside to get used to it. Run for 3 minutes, walk briskly for 2 minutes, and so on.

All these tips are also excellent for losing belly fat as you will discover here: Tips for a flat stomach.

2. Exfoliate the skin of the legs and hips

The hips also deserve care and beauty gestures just like the legs and thighs. So why not exfoliate the skin on her hips and legs?

Take a good horsehair glove and regularly rub your hips with it to remove cellulite and dead skin from your hips. Your skin will also be firmer.

Horsehair glove, Dessange

Horsehair glove, Dessange

  • Ideal for thighs, hips and buttocks
  • Exfoliating effect on the skin
  • For soft and firm skin
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To complete the horsehair glove, opt for the black soap which is widely used to exfoliate the skin in depth but also used with the horsehair glove or the kessa glove.

Scrub, black soap

Scrub, black soap

  • 100% natural quality product
  • Ideal for exfoliating and purifying the skin
  • Stimulates the creation of collagen
  • Helps cell regeneration

3. Moisturize the skin of the hips well

Skin hydration is also very important, both on the face and the body, so why not moisturize the skin on the hips as well?

After using the horsehair glove and the black soap to exfoliate the skin, it will be important to moisturize your hips and other parts of the body well. Hydration is essential to have beautiful and soft hips.

Cellulite creams can also be used as well as sweet almond oil for extreme skin smoothness. If you want to test sweet almond oil, here it is at the best price:

Sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil

  • Perfect oil for skin care
  • For face, hair and body
  • Ideal for hydrating the skin

4. Tricks for strong hips

If you have strong hips and want to hide the shape of your hips instead, here are some easy camouflage tricks to put in place.

Avoid clothes with horizontal lines

If you like sweaters or dresses with lined patterns, avoid horizontal lines as these accentuate the width of your hips more. To deceive the eye, it would be better to opt for vertical lines.

Wear a long shawl

Over fitted clothes, the shawl will be very beautiful and even comfortable. This is a good trick to hide wide hips. You can also opt for the detached blouse which will have the same result as the shawl and which will thus hide the hips on each side.

wear a belt

The high waistband will accentuate your chest and draw the eye away from your strong hips. The belt placed at hip height will slightly tighten the hips while giving a touch of femininity. On the other hand, choose a small belt and not one that is too wide.

wear high heels

High heels, or even better, high boots with high heels, lengthen the silhouette and thus the hips will appear less wide, less strong. An excellent trick to give the impression of having beautiful thin hips.

5. Sports activities to practice to have beautiful hips

doing zumba

Zumba combines cardio, dance, fitness, resistance and more. By combining all kinds of movements such as dancing, jumping, stretching and more, your hips will shrink and become very pretty.

do kickboxing

Kickboxing (in training or in cardio) will certainly make you lose weight in the hips if that is your goal. Your hips will be more beautiful, more worked and more defined since the latter will be very solicited during your kicks in the air.


Do as much fast swimming as possible, using your legs and hips to move faster. These movements will greatly help you to have beautiful well-muscled hips and especially with beautiful shapes.

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