Tips for tanning, 10 tanning tips

How to tan well? To beautify our skin, tanning is a must for many men and women. Tanning can be practiced under the sun or in a tanning salon. Natural tanning requires some precautions to avoid any skin disease due to unwanted ultraviolet rays from the sun.
As for tanning in the salon, it turns out to be more or less aggressive because the ultraviolet rays are dosed according to the resistance of the skin of the person who practices it. 10 Tips therefore offers you essential tips and products for a good tan this summer.

Tanning tips:

1. Tanning accelerator, a great tip!

How to tan faster? If you already have a light tan and want to be a little more tanned then the tan accelerator is definitely a good tip for you. Not all tanning accelerators work well, but if you had to make a choice choose an accelerator based on carrot oil which is ideal for getting a good tan.

10 Tips offers you here a tanning accelerator which consists of carotenoids, vitamins, henna, antioxidants and fatty acids. All natural ingredients essential for tanning but also for protecting and nourishing the skin during tanning. The most beautiful tan for this summer is yours! ?

Tanning accelerator spray

Tanning accelerator spray

  • Accelerates skin tanning
  • Deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin
  • For a long lasting tan
  • A beautiful golden and tan color

2. A regular tan to tan well

One tip for getting a good tan is to take your time and above all to avoid long exposure to the sun. In any case, long exposure to the sun risks turning you into a red lobster in addition to being dangerous for your skin and your health.

Did you know that human skin renews itself every month. So to have a beautiful tanned complexion, a tan is to be done approximately every 4 weeks. However, the renewal of the skin can be retained a little longer if good sunscreens are applied during tanning sessions in the sun or in a tanning salon.

Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer after a tanning session. This moisturizing cream that you apply to the face and body is an excellent tip for getting a good tan but also for maintaining the elasticity of the skin.

best times for sunbathing

3. When is the best time to tan?

What is the best time of day to tan? Until what time can you actually tan? If you want to tan in the sun it is best to target the right hours during the day. It is not true to mention that the tan will be as effective at 10 a.m. in the morning as at 2 p.m. in the afternoon, for example.

11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. are sunbathing hours! Indeed these are the hours of the day when it is most effective and where it will therefore be easier and faster to tan. But be careful because UV rays are extremely powerful at these times of the day. So it is better to apply a good protection cream against the sun before exposing yourself and lying in the sun.

Also favor small tanning sessions over very long exposures which risk giving you a bad sunburn. 2 sessions of 10 minutes of exposure to the sun is quite enough to get a good tan at these times. Remember to moisturize your skin well after sun exposure.

Here is an excellent moisturizer to apply on the face and body after your tanning session:

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel

  • 100% organic and natural moisturizing gel
  • Composed of 97% Aloe VERa
  • Moisturizes the body and face
  • Excellent after sun care

4. Hydrate the skin after tanning

Another super important tip for getting a good tan and keeping a nice tan is hydration. Following a natural tan in the sun, hydration of the skin is essential. While the sun dries out the skin, creams moisturize it to preserve its suppleness and thus prevent the increase of dead cells.

It’s an excellent trick for getting a good tan and above all keeping your nice tan longer. You can of course buy moisturizing lotions for the face and body or turn to slightly less conventional moisturizers such as Bees Wax cream. In addition to being effective in moisturizing the skin following a tanning session, for example, it is also effective against redness, rosacea, psoriasis, cuts and even burns.

Beeswax Moisturizer

Beeswax Moisturizer

  • Moisturizer for dry skin
  • Protects the skin after sunbathing
  • 100% natural beeswax cream

5. Protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays

As mentioned in the previous point, it is extremely important to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays during short or long exposure to direct sunlight. How do you expect to tan well and have a nice tanned complexion if on the contrary you get sunburn?

So even if you are not used to applying sunscreen, you must do so if only to protect your skin from possible serious diseases such as skin cancer. And above all, forget sunscreens with SPF of 10 or 15, go ahead with an SPF of 30 minimum.

Don’t forget to apply suntan lotion every two hours or every time you swim. It’s your health that we’re talking about today, not just your tan!

6. Solar food supplements?

But what are you talking about? And yes, did you know that it was possible to obtain solar food supplements to promote tanning while respecting your skin and your body? There are several types of tanning activators, whether in lotion or capsule form.

This product is ideal if you like to get a tan while taking care of your skin, because don’t forget, a tan can be pretty on your body but it can also be dangerous for the skin, hence the importance of choosing the good products and care for the skin.

Here is a product that allows you to quickly accelerate tanning while improving your skin’s tolerance to the sun. It is one of the most popular online!

Intensive solar

Intensive solar

  • Quickly activates the tan
  • Improves sun tolerance
  • For a lasting and enhanced tan

7. A scrub for a good tan

Before going to get a tan, it is important to properly prepare your skin, both your face and your body. And a treatment to be favored is exfoliation.

The purpose of the exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells. Dead cells dull your complexion, hence the importance of eliminating them with exfoliation. Thus, the scrub helps to keep your tan longer and more evenly on the face and body.

As long as you choose a body scrub, why not buy a natural treatment based on traditional black soap?

Exfoliation with black soap

Exfoliation with black soap

  • Moroccan black soap with argan oil
  • Eliminates dead skin
  • Deeply nourishes the skin
  • Stimulates the creation of collagen

8. How long does a tan last?

How to keep your tan as long as possible? Normally a good tan can last between 2 and 4 weeks, but let’s say an average of 3 weeks to be conservative. Of course depending on the type of skin and the type of tan the duration can change from one person to another.

Usually, the skin regenerates every 24 to 30 days on average. So if you want to prolong your tan you can expose yourself to the sun for a few minutes every week or even in the cabin. It’s a good trick to stay tanned longer.

how long does a tan last

9. How about a self-tanner?

If you don’t like getting a tan in the sun or in the salon but still want a little golden complexion then why not choose self-tanner? Forget the orange hue of yesteryear, self-tanners are much more quality and effective these days. There are self-tanners in the form of cream, gel, spray or even mousse.

No matter which self-tanning product you choose in pharmacies or online, the most important thing is its application. It is often because of the application that we end up with spots of self-tanner on the body. To properly apply the self-tanner on the body, it is better to use a glove specially designed for this.

Here’s one here that helps apply self-tanner properly to ensure a nice even tan:

Self-tanning glove

Self-tanning glove

  • Ideal for applying self-tanning spray
  • Even, smudge-free application
  • Its washes easily and dries quickly

10. Move to get a good tan

It is true that lounging and lying on your back and belly on the beach or by the pool is a great way to tan but why not move a little?!

The simple fact of moving or even better taking a short swim will help you tan well and even tan much faster. It’s a very simple but oh so effective tanning trick.

So stop watching your little ones play in the sand and go join them, don’t worry, you’ll get a tan anyway.

move to get a good tan

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