Tips for treating ingrown toenails

How to treat ingrown toenails?

Many people have the occasional ingrown toenail, whether on a finger or a toe. Ingrown toenails are nails that grow in and slightly penetrate the skin of the toes and fingers. It sometimes hurts a lot and often leads to some inflammation, especially if you don’t take care to care and treat. therefore offers you in this article tips for quickly treating and healing ingrown toenails. The important thing is to act quickly to avoid complications and therefore pain.

1. Don’t cut your nails too short!

One of the main causes of ingrown toenails and fingernails is nails that are cut too short. So if you are used to cutting your nails very short and rounded on the sides, it is better to change your technique now to prevent them from growing into the skin.

So to prevent ingrown nails it is necessary:

  • Cut the nails leaving a small length
  • Cut the nails giving a straight shape, especially not rounded
  • File nails to avoid blemishes that can cause onychocryptosis (ingrown toenail)

2. The right shoes to avoid ingrown toenails

shoe too tight and ingrown toenail

Another common cause of ingrown toenails are shoes that are too tight and too tight. But in addition to shoes that are too tight, high-heeled shoes for women are also to be avoided if you are used to having ingrown toenail problems.

This type of shoe risks twisting the nails and thus increasing friction with the skin, which can cause an ingrown toenail over time.

3. Help the nail to grow properly

Here is a simple and effective treatment to help treat the beginning of an ingrown toenail at home. It is important to act quickly, very quickly, as soon as you notice that nail growing into the skin.

  • Pour into a container of lukewarm water (a container large enough to make a foot bath)
  • Add some antibacterial soap and a tablespoon of Epsom salt (perfect salt for a foot bath)
  • Dip the feet and leave it in place for 20 to 25 minutes
  • Then disinfect a boxwood stick and try to gently lift the edge of the nail softened by the solution
  • Then insert a cotton wick between the nail and the skin to help the good growth

Buy Epsom salt for foot bath:

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Epsom salt

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4. Disinfect well to reduce inflammation

It is very important to always pay attention to your nails, especially for those who are used to ingrown nails and other ailments.

So if you have small inflammations on the feet, but especially on the toes near the nails (small redness that burns for example), take care to quickly disinfect your feet and toes. Simply use and apply an antibiotic cream or other lotion to the inflammation for as long as the redness and inflammation persists.

If the pain is increasing and or the inflammation persists longer consult a health professional quickly to avoid complications.

5. Ingrown toenail instrument

If you often have ingrown toenails then why not purchase tools specially designed to help heal and relieve painful toenails. Take a moment to read the opinions and comments of buyers on this nail lifter.

Some of the instruments can even be useful against splinters. Come and read our tips on this subject: How to remove a splinter on the foot?

This type of instrument also allows deep cleaning of the nails. For other cleaning tips, it’s here: How to clean your nails?

6. A nail clipper for ingrown and thick nails

If you have thick and hard nails it is important to get a suitable nail clipper. 10 Tips offers you this model of nail clippers specially designed for thick nails and ingrown nail problems.

Nail clippers

Nail clippers

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To avoid ingrown nails it is important to take care of your nails! Here is another article to check out: Brittle and split nails, what to do?

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