Tips to save a lot of money

How to save money easily?

Saving money is something everyone should do, as soon as possible in their lifetime! Thus thanks to savings we protect ourselves in case of urgent need and above all we manage to put a lot of money aside for our retirement, our old age.

But here it is, how to save money simply and easily? 10-Trucs presents below simple and effective tips to save a lot of money.

Money saving tips:

1. Make a simple and effective savings plan

Having discipline is extremely important for saving money every day! How do you expect to save money if you don’t take the time to plan that savings?

So the very first thing to do is to make an effective plan to successfully save a lot of money!

Make a personal budget:

Take the time to develop a 30-day budget by listing all your expenses and income. How do you manage to save money if you have nothing left at the end of the month?

Here is an interesting article to help you make a budget: Tips for making a personal budget.

By visualizing all the expenses, you will quickly understand that some of them are not necessary. It is thanks to these that you will finally be able to put money aside and thus create an interesting savings.

Pay off your debts to start!

Once the budget has been made, you must now plan a repayment of all your debts. There is no point in saving money if you have a balance owing on your credit card, for example.

As you know, interest rates on credit cards are very high so start by paying them off first before saving money.

Once your debts have been paid, you can start putting money aside with the aim of saving a lot of money in the medium to long term.

2. Open a savings account (passbook account)

Once the budget is done and your debts are finally all repaid, it’s time to deposit a first amount of money in a savings account.

Indeed, by opening a savings account, you can deposit money without touching it. This will only be an account to save money for a future project.

So it is important to make no other transaction than your monthly or weekly deposits into this savings account.

3. Analyze each of your expenses!

As we talked about in point #1 avoidable expenses can save you a lot of money every day, every week and every month!

So take a few moments to write down on a sheet all the expenses you incur, whether they are useful or not, we indicate all the expenses! Then highlight the ones you can do without, you know the small purchases here and there that ultimately make you lose a lot of money every year.

Here are some examples of expenses that you can definitely do without:

  • The coffee you buy every morning on your way to work
  • The meal(s) you eat at the restaurant each week
  • The TV subscription you always pay more for month after month
  • The latest tech gadgets you don’t even use
  • The bottle of wine on Friday evening, etc.

By cutting unnecessary expenses it is easy to save and save hundreds of euros / dollars every month!

4. An automatic debit from your pay

Bank and direct debit is a great way to save money effortlessly! In the long run, you won’t even realize it! So this is a good way to save money.

Find out how to proceed to have money deducted directly from your pay so that it is set aside for you!

5. Not using a credit card

A simple trick to saving big every year is to ban credit card use!

Stop using credit cards

Credit cards put you in more debt than anything else and with all the interest you have to pay, it’s yet another big obstacle to saving money.

But beyond costs and interest, if you use a credit card you’re going to end up spending even more. Whereas, on the contrary, if you pay for everything with your own money, you will think twice before spending.

6. A second job to save even more money!

To succeed in saving more money every month, looking for a second job or small contracts can be a good solution.

So if time and energy permit, you can work a few extra hours through a small job that you can easily find online or in the classifieds.

Here are some small job ideas that will allow you to earn more money and therefore save even more:

  • Small parcel deliverer (many delivery companies are looking for new deliverers)
  • Lawn maintenance and mowing
  • Handyman and or janitor
  • Painter and other small house jobs
  • Work part-time in a store

7. Use discount coupons and discount code to save

To continue with our saving tips the next time you go shopping why not use discount coupons?

Discounts to save money

Whether it’s discount coupons you cut out of newspapers and flyers or use on your favorite apps, it’s a great way to save on groceries and other everyday goods.

Also, if you have to buy a very expensive device or something else, wait for it to go down in reduction. Indeed, if you are not in a hurry to buy the wait can save you a lot, so be patient!

8. Reduce hot water to save money

A final trick to help you save money each month on your electricity bill is to reduce your hot water consumption.

Indeed, did you know that your use of hot water at home corresponds on average to 20% of your electricity bill!? That’s a lot of money at the end of the year isn’t it!

Take a shower rather than a bath!

A really simple trick to reduce your hot water consumption is to take showers rather than baths. A 5 minute shower will save you money and lots of water every day.

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