Tired of luggage? This funny coat could well replace them!

When you fly, you have to check in your luggage and collect it when you arrive at your destination. On the other hand, for cabin baggage, the matter is much simpler despite the security check! With this in mind, a somewhat eccentric invention has appeared: the Airport Jacket coat!

Clearly intended for people who travel quite often, the Airport Jacket coat can carry nearly fifteen kilograms of luggage, more than just cabin luggage. Besides, it is possible to combine the two.

A little wacky, but relevant, the invention of designers Claire and Benke Murphy plays on the fact that what is contained in our clothes is not counted as luggage weighing its weight! Moreover, the question of weight is crucial since each kilogram over the limit is generally billed very expensively to the passenger.

The modular Airport Jacket adopts an optimal configuration of pockets intended to contain a multitude of objects that it will now be possible to carry directly with you such as a reflex camera and its lens, a small laptop, a tablet, a smartphone and even a change of clothes like a pair of socks, boxer shorts, jeans, a t-shirt, a sweater and even two pairs of shoes (including a pair of flip-flops, don’t overdo it!). There is even space to take all the chargers corresponding to the electronic devices!

(Image credit: KickStarter)

“A total of 14 large pockets, eight of which are at hip height, eleven at three-quarters and fourteen over the full length of the coat. And there are two detachable pockets that can turn into a bag,” says Claire Murphy.

This invention responds to a problem impacting many unprepared travelers who are often forced to stuff their pockets with anything and everything when checking in to avoid overpayments. You will still need to have the hand to unpack everything during the security check, but according to Benke Murphy, “airport security doesn’t look at how you store your luggage, they just check the contents, we haven’t had a problem”.

Currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on the KickStarter platform, the Airport Jacket coat requires 100,000 Australian dollars (72,300 €) for a launch of the project and towards large-scale marketing. The price per unit would be 239 Australian dollars (172 €), but this is an investment that could prove profitable for some.

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