To burn calories, could a hot bath replace a workout?

We know that hot baths are good for the body and the mind, but that’s not all. Taking a hot bath would help burn more calories than you think. What if this moment of relaxation could replace an exercise session?

We cannot stress enough the benefits of sport on both physical and mental health. But winter evenings are sometimes very rough and the less courageous among us will gladly pass on a session with such a pretext. How about taking a hot bath instead? A recent study by researchers at Loughborough University in England suggests that taking a hot bath burns as many calories as a 30-minute run. Even better, your hot bath would have benefits for blood sugar control and cardiovascular health.

Previous studies had already highlighted the beneficial effects of hot water, baths or saunas indeed reducing the risk of heart attack, stroke or by reducing blood pressure. Steve Faulkner, who led the study, wanted to know more about the beneficial effects or not of heat on the body. Accompanied by his team, he then asked 14 people to take a bath for an hour. The water was at a temperature of 40°C. They then asked the subjects to cycle for an hour. Both of these activities raised body temperature by 1°C. Calories burned were then measured. Results ? Although riding a bike burned more calories, taking a hot bath burned as much as a 30-minute run.

About blood sugar? The researchers also noted that the blood sugar levels of all participants were similar in both situations, but those who took hot baths had slightly lower blood sugar spikes after eating than those who took exercise. exercise :  » Overall blood glucose levels were similar in both tests, however, after eating, blood glucose levels were about 10% lower when participants took a hot bath than when they rode a bike » ; thus explained Dr. Faulkner.

Thus taking hot baths and saunas could provide an alternative to exercise for people who find it difficult to practice a sport, not to mention the less courageous. It should be remembered that these practices are not suitable for everyone: pregnant women and people suffering from heart disease must in particular exercise caution. Very, very hot baths can raise body temperature and harm your heart or your baby.


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