To lose weight, eat in the dark

Depriving yourself of the sense of sight would allow you to reduce your food consumption while having the impression of eating more than reality. These are the conclusions of a recent study by German researchers, who therefore advise eating in the dark to lose weight.

German scientists advise, through a recent study, a new technique to succeed in losing weight quickly. Rather than drastically changing your diet to favor ultra-deprivation and super-frustrating diets, these simply propose eating in the dark. In their study published in the journal food Quality and Preferencethese researchers from the University of Konstanz, Germany conclude that eating in the dark can reduce consumption by 10% during a meal, while having the impression of eating more.

Two groups of volunteers were asked to carry out this study, who were asked not to eat during the two hours preceding the experiment. A first group consisted of 50 people whose eyes were blindfolded, and the second group, composed of 40 volunteers, could see the food. Everyone was then given 15 minutes to eat as they pleased from three 95-gram bowls comprising vanilla, caramel and cherry ice cream.


After weighing all the bowls, the researchers found that the « sighted » group ate an average of 116 grams, compared to 105 grams for the « blind » group. And when the participants were asked about their impressions, the “blind” group greatly overestimated their consumption, with an estimated average of 197 grams of food, compared to 159 grams for the “sighted” group.  » Deprived of vision, consumers focused on how they felt in the moment and stopped when they were full“, explains Dr. Britta Renner, lead author of the study.

Source: dailymail

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