Tomato juice for breakfast!

What to replace orange juice in the morning?

We are all used to starting the day with a good orange juice filled with vitamin C… It’s so good! But is it the best juice to drink to start the day?

And yes, did you know that tomatoes can give you even more health benefits than orange juice for breakfast?

1. Replace orange juice with tomato juice

Tomorrow morning when the time comes to pour your orange juice for breakfast, hold back and have a good tomato juice instead.

Well I agree with you it may seem weird to pour yourself a tomato juice in the morning but it’s a fruit after all, a tomato isn’t it!? ?

2. What does tomato juice do for you in the morning?

Tomato juice is an important source of nutrients and especially fiber, much more than the traditional orange juice at breakfast.

Also, as you will discover in the next point, tomato juice has many other health benefits.

So this beverage remains an excellent idea to start the day off right!

You can also simply eat tomatoes and why not your own tomatoes: How to have beautiful tomatoes?

3. The benefits of tomato juice

If you still don’t believe me, here are some of the real benefits and benefits of tomato juice:

  • it helps stabilize cholesterol levels.
  • this juice helps against diarrhea and other transit problems.
  • It helps with eye health just like carrot juice.
  • it helps soothe heartburn.
  • tomato juice helps with joint problems.

If you don’t like the idea of ​​drinking tomato juice in the morning, when you get up, then drink it later in the day, at lunch or dinner for example.

So are you going to change your habits tomorrow morning? ?

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