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How to remove the hangover?

Many of us like to celebrate, have fun and have a drink with friends. Drinking in a reasonable way allows you to decompress and forget your daily life. However, when we exaggerate, bad surprises await us the next morning, including the famous hangover!

What is it to have a hangover? Difficult aftermath? Do you have a headache, pasty mouth and eyes in front of the wrong holes? To help you get back on your feet, here is 10 anti hangover tips and remedies!

1. Coconut water for hangovers

What to drink after a bun? Because the composition of coconut water closely approximates that of electrolytes, it could be very effective to drink coconut water to end a hangover. There are more and more bottled coconut water in grocery stores and health food stores.

Choose pure, unsweetened coconut water and drink it as soon as you return from the party and throughout the following day to combat the hangover.

2. Coffee, a hangover remedy

After drinking your coconut water, drink a good big hot coffee without sugar and milk if possible. Coffee constricts the blood vessels in your brain and may help with your headache.

But be careful, you have to limit yourself to only one coffee! Indeed, coffee can dehydrate you and make your headache worse if you abuse it.

3. Chicken broth, an anti-cooking remedy

What food to eat after a bender? The first food to consume after coconut water and or coffee is chicken broth.

So later in the day, slowly savor a good chicken broth. Chicken broth will provide you with the salt you need to rebalance your electrolytes, especially if you are suffering from vomiting after a binge.

It is a natural and effective remedy for hangovers and can also help cure the heartache that accompanies it.

4. Drink orange juice to fight a hangover

The fructose in orange juice will speed up your metabolism to flush alcohol out of your system. To quickly feel better the day after a party, a large glass of orange juice is really very effective.

Also, if you need to replace electrolytes lost through alcohol abuse, orange juice is a good base for making a DIY replacement and rehydration drink. Here’s how to make an anti-hangover recipe:

  • 360 ml pure, unsweetened orange juice
  • 600 ml of cooled boiled water
  • 2.5ml salt

Be sure to use these exact measurements or you could make your condition worse. Mix the ingredients well, and drink small amounts at a time, throughout the day.

5. Move as a hangover remedy

Instead of staying in bed the day after a big party, get up and go for a long walk outside! This will cause your body to produce endorphins, which are a good natural pain reliever for hangovers and your headaches and nausea.

6. Painkillers to cure a hangover

Whether you opt for acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or paracetamol, these medications will help ease the aches and pains associated with your hangover.

You can also seek the advice of a health professional who can advise you on the right medications to take to end this hangover.

7. A grandmother’s recipe for hangovers

Do you like to try grandmother’s remedies and recipes to treat yourself and feel better at home? Here is a tip that will do you good: Eat steamed asparagus with a little lemon juice on it.

This grandmother’s hangover trick will help eliminate toxins from your body and therefore those related to the alcohol of the day before.

8. Cucumber as a hangover remedy

Rich in water, cucumber is a very thirst-quenching vegetable. It’s also packed with minerals, including potassium, and vitamins A, B, C, and E.

Thanks to its composition, the cucumber will help rehydrate you and replace the minerals and vitamins that you may have lost after a binge. Another natural remedy for difficult mornings!

9. Ginger for hangovers

A hangover is often accompanied by nausea. Ginger, thanks to its anti-nausea properties, is the best natural remedy to relieve heartache caused by a hangover!

Ginger root is found in different forms:

  • fresh
  • dried in pieces
  • powder dried
  • candied
  • in capsules, etc.

To relieve your nausea, you can eat fresh or candied pieces, make an herbal tea with the fresh or dried root, take capsules.

If you prefer to make ginger tea, you can use the fresh or dried root. In both cases, just infuse in boiling water about a tablespoon, for 15 minutes. Filter, then drink slowly.

10. Breakfast to recover from a hangover

Some people swear by this tip for recovering from a bad burn: a greasy breakfast. Yes, here it is not about eating a bowl of cereal or eating fruit with a simple slice of bread. No, we are talking here abouta good big american style breakfastincluding:

  • fried eggs
  • bacon
  • fried potatoes
  • pork sausage
  • baked beans

All accompanied by black coffee and orange juice!

All the fat and salt in this breakfast can help reposition your stomach and help replace lost electrolytes if you’ve had vomiting.

So, the day after a good binge, go to the nearest restaurant that offers this type of menu, and stuff yourself! ? ? ?

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