Train your legs in the office while working

It’s been proven that staying static in an office position is harmful to your health. The device presented here makes it possible to combine office work and physical exercise, an initiative full of promise. This is the leg swing!

In 2014, Le Monde devoted an article entitled « Sitting kills more than tobacco »where a sedentary lifestyle was presented as harmful to physical and moral health, a conclusion confirmed by the Observatory of sedentary lifestyle constituted by a group of French experts in sports medicine and cardiology, among others.

American inventors therefore offer a solution, a device called HOVR being the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on the IndieGoGo site, already funded to the tune of around 80,000 euros, more than doubling the initial objective. HOVR was developed in collaboration with the University of Illinois and the Mayo Clinic, an American university hospital and research federation.

According to the designers, the HOVR leg swing burns 17% more calories, compared to a static position without activity for several hours. In addition, this invention would improve blood circulation, helping to prevent clogging of the body as well as an increase in its level of inflammation and oxidative stress. Thus, HOVR could reduce the feeling of heavy legs, constipation, as well as chronic fatigue, and therefore the risk of diseases favored by a sedentary lifestyle.

After the marketing of the office hammock, it will soon be possible (for workaholics) to build up a real kit to live in the office and never leave it, as long as we bring you a food box every Monday!

Here is a video presentation of the HOVR desk swing:

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