Training a dog, 10 training tips

Having trouble training your dog?

Having a dog is good, but we must not neglect his training. Just like a child, a dog must be brought up to understand right from wrong. He must be taught to behave well and to be obedient.

So here are some tips for training a dog and things not to do with a dog.

1. Always demonstrate that you are the dominant member

The relationship you will have with your dog is very important. Certainly you can have a nice bond with him, but he must also know that you are the Master. So be firm with the dog and do not let all his whims pass.

2. Address your dog well

When you talk to him, use small words and not long sentences. Lower your head towards him when you talk to him and look at his front or back. Don’t look your dog in the eyehe could take that for provocation.

3. Do not feed the dog at the same time as you

It is important to make your dog eat after you. Do not make him eat at the same time as you and especially do not give him table food.

4. Assign a bed to your dog

Don’t let your dog sleep with you nor let him climb on the bed or on the divans. He must have a bed of his own. It is also to this precise place that you will send him if he must be punished.

5. Avoid excessive petting

You can of course pet your dog and give him affection, but it is better to slow down when he enters his adolescent phase. If he insists too much on being cuddled, push him away. Same thing for females who are in their heat period.

6. Put a collar on your dog

From an early age, get your dog used to wearing a collar. He won’t like it at first, but he’ll get used to it. A little later, you can get him used to following with the leash.

7. Demonstrate what is allowed and what is not

Your dog must learn very quickly what is right and what is wrong. If he does something wrong, punish him immediately. He must associate his incorrect gesture with the punishment. But if on the contrary he does something good, congratulate him immediately too. With a good caress for example.

8. Use the same vocabulary

When you give orders to your dog, always use the same words so that he recognizes them quickly and easily. Use short, simple words to help your dog.

9. Avoid physical punishment

There is no point in hit your dog to make him understand something. Give him clear orders and if he disobeys, just send him to bed. As I said above, the punishment must be instantaneous.

10. Be constant in your learning

Just like with children, there must be consistency in rules and punishments. If you let too much go unchecked, your dog won’t get used to discipline and obedience. So don’t miss it.

A happy dog ​​will be much easier to train than another. Here is an interesting article about it: How to have a happy dog!

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