Travel to Cuba, 10 things to know

Planning a trip to Cuba?

Whether it’s to enjoy the sea, to rest or simply to forget the cold of Quebec, how about learning a few practical tips about this sunny destination?

10 Tips invites you today to discover 10 tips, tricks and advice on Cuba. Have a good trip!

Choose a 4 star + hotel in Cuba

A first piece of advice before booking your hotel in Cuba, choose a 4-star hotel or more for your stay. If you are used to traveling in all-inclusives in Mexico or the Dominican Republic, you should know that a 4 star in Mexico is clearly superior in terms of comfort, convenience, cleanliness and food than a 4 star in Cuba.

Drink bottled water in Cuba

No matter which sun destination you choose, it’s best to always drink bottled water when travelling. The vast majority of hotels in Cuba now offer bottled water in hotel rooms to vacationers, every day.

Tipping at an all-inclusive in Cuba

It’s no longer a secret that tipping is very present in all-inclusives in Cuba and elsewhere in the south. On average, people leave 1 or 2 CUC whether in à la carte restaurants or for other types of hotel services. For the maid you can leave between 2 and 4 CUC per day.

Gifts for the Maid

Of course, you can also leave small gifts for the maid. Many travelers shop at dollar stores before heading to Cuba to pick up handy little gifts for maids.

A word of advice, don’t just give $1 stuff, you can alternate between small gifts and cash on another day. Go there also according to the service you receive of course.

Internet… HEY what is the internet!

If you choose Cuba as your sun destination, don’t expect to be able to connect to Skype and Facebook during your stay at the hotel. It is very rare, but really very rare to come across a high speed internet connection in Cuba. Just sending an email may take 30 minutes of your time.

So pick up and enjoy the sun, the beach and good cocktails!

The food is good but…

Cuba is really a beautiful vacation destination to rest and have a good time. If you have traveled a lot elsewhere such as Mexico and the Republic, the food may not live up to your expectations in Cuba.

But don’t be afraid to go there, the food is good. Of course, there are things that seem less appetizing slow, but you will always find something good to eat at the buffet in the evening.

The safe in the room

Very rare are the hotels in Cuba where there is no safe in the rooms. The safe is really essential to place your valuables and especially your important papers.

In the safe you should therefore always place your passport, your money and wallet, 25 CUC to leave Cuba once the trip is over, your plane tickets and your visa. A word of advice, leave your jewelery at home.

Bring an insulated mug in your suitcase

In all-inclusive resorts in Cuba and elsewhere in the south, drinks are usually offered in plastic glasses. Needless to say how bad it is for the environment. You can therefore bring glasses from home or an insulated cup in your luggage. Perfect for keeping your drinks cold by the sea.

A photocopy of his passport

Prepare one or two photocopies of your passport before leaving for Cuba or another sunny destination. You can thus leave the real passport in your safety deposit box and bring a simple photocopy when booking excursions or other activities where the passport is necessary.

Choose the islands for a relaxing trip!

If you want a trip to an all-inclusive to rest and enjoy the sun and the beach, Cayo Largo, Cayo Coco and Cayo Santa Maria are 3 islands where it is good to stay in Cuba. These are places where there are not many tourist attractions to visit, but for a relaxing trip it is really ideal!

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