Treating a sunburn, 10 tips to relieve

How to cure a sunburn quickly?

Prolonged exposure to the sun causes sunburn. The skin turns red when burned and is painfully inflamed. Sunburn appears only a few hours after prolonged exposure to the sun.

To cure sunburn, it takes a minimum of 3 days, sometimes more. In more severe cases, sunburn may be accompanied by fever, nausea or dizziness. 10 Tips therefore presents tips and remedies to cure a sunburn quickly.

Tips and remedies to cure a sunburn:

1. Cure a sunburn with green tea

If you like to test grandmother’s remedies, you will certainly like to try this trick based on green tea to relieve sunburn quickly.

Indeed green tea contains molecules of polyphenols which are considered as excellent antioxidants as well as a very good healing agent. For this anti sunburn remedy you need:

  • Brew green tea bags.
  • Leave to cool in the open air.
  • Apply directly to the sunburn.

In addition to its virtue of healing sunburn quickly, green tea also soothes pain. it is an effective and fast natural tip.

Treat sunburn with green tea

2. Relieve sunburn with sweet almond oil

Another natural product that you should always have at home is sweet almond oil. With its 1001 benefits and uses, this oil can actually help you relieve and heal your sunburn more quickly.

If you have a bad sunburn just spread a little of this almond oil directly on the area to be treated. You should soon feel better with this product. In addition to being very effective in relieving sunburn, it is also effective in relieving eczema and dry skin.

For those looking for a quality sweet almond oil here is one for you available online:

3. Cucumber, an effective remedy

Another food and remedy for sunburn that can be found in your refrigerator and in your garden in the summer is cucumber. So how do you cure a sunburn with a cucumber?

  • Slice a cucumber into rounds.
  • Apply the slices directly to the sunburn.
  • Leave to act for ten minutes.
  • Repeat 2 to 3 times during the first day.

After a few moments the pain of your sunburn will subside due to the freshness provided by the cucumber. A natural, effective and quick trick to relieve sunburn and give freshness to the skin.

soothe a sunburn with cucumber slices

4. Relieve a sunburn with Aloe Vera

When it comes to quickly relieving and treating a sunburn, Aloe Vera is without a doubt very effective as a remedy.

Renowned for being an excellent healing agent, Aloe Vera will make your burn and sunburn disappear in no time. Aloe Vera gels are sold in pharmacies as well as in supermarkets. You can also find great ones online like this:

In addition to being excellent against sunburn, this kind of Aloe Vera can also be used to treat and relieve cuts, cracks, dermatoses and skin burns. Also, if you have an aloe vera plant at home you can concoct your own 100% natural and organic sunburn ointment. It is even more effective than gels based on this plant.

5. Potato and sunburn

potato, remedy for sunburn

Another 100% natural remedy to cure a sunburn quickly is the use of potatoes.

Potato slices

The potato contains starch and it is thanks to this that the heat of the sunburn is quickly controlled and eliminated. As with the cucumber trick, simply cut slices of potato and spread them directly on the sunburn to quickly control and relieve the burning sensation and heat on the body.

Potato juice

You can also use potato juice to concoct a miracle cure for sunburn. Simply crush a potato to extract its juice and then apply a compress soaked in this juice to the inflamed part of your skin. You will see, the result is breathtaking and the pain of sunburn is quickly relieved.

Potatoes are also excellent for chilblains. Come and discover other tips right here: Grandmother’s remedy for frostbite.

6. A beeswax cream

Beeswax is an extremely effective natural product against sunburn as well as for healing wounds on the body. Beeswax therefore has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Not all creams and ointments based on this ingredient are really effective, hence the need to read comments and reviews online. Here is a Bees Wax moisturizer for dry skin that is one of the top products on Amazon. You can buy it right here:

7. An eggplant for quick relief!

Very popular in Australia and elsewhere in the world to treat and prevent skin cancer, eggplant is also an excellent remedy for treating sunburn and other types of burns.

Simple Method: Eggplant Slices

To put it simply, you can simply apply a thin slice of eggplant to the sunburn for about ten minutes. Repeat when you feel the need or when the pain or heat of the sunburn becomes too intense.

Method + effective: Eggplant puree

If you have a little more time you can prepare an aubergine and potato purée that you will have taken care to let cool in the fridge. Apply generously to the sunburn and leave in place for 15 to 30 minutes. You can also repeat several times for quick sunburn relief.

eggplant to treat sunburn and burn

8. Treat sunburn with Biafine

Biafine is a miraculous product when it comes to treating a burn and therefore a sunburn for example. The biafine cream can also be used on normal skin to restore its softness and improve its general condition.

Apply this classified skin protective ointment on your skin, directly on the sunburn. This ointment relieves your burn in no time if it is uninfected. However, care should be taken with allergic reactions.

Here is a biafine product (a biafine-based sun milk) that you can buy online right here, at the best price:

9. Drink plenty of water

Drinking plenty of water is extremely important in everyday life in order to be healthy and well hydrated. So if you have just been exposed to the sun for long hours, it is all the more important to drink plenty of water.

Drinking plenty of water rehydrates the body. Water is known as an effective drainer in humans. Thus drinking water rehydrates and also contributes to the rapid and effective healing of sunburn or even heat stroke.

Drink plenty of water with a sunburn

10. St. John’s wort oil for relief

Do you know St. John’s wort or St. John’s wort? It is a plant with many benefits and virtues for the health of men and women. Often associated with the treatment of mild and moderate depression, this plant is also very effective in treating or at least quickly relieving burns and therefore sunburn.

In fact, it is the flowers of St. John’s wort that are known to relieve skin irritations. Thus, its leaves are crushed to extract oils. Once the extracts are found, simply apply the liquid directly to the sunburn to relieve your pain in addition to healing your burned skin.

St. John's wort natural remedy for sunburn

11. A slice of tomato against sunburn

How to quickly relieve a sunburn… Very simple, use nice big slices of very juicy tomatoes!

Tomato slices bring freshness to your skin but that’s not all! Tomato is also rich in vitamin and antioxidant which is incredibly effective in relieving and healing sunburn and other itchy skin.

a tomato as a home remedy for sunburn

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