Trick against dry skin on the face

How to fight against dry skin?

Having dry skin is very unpleasant because the skin will often be rough, dull and dehydrated. Dry skin can also cause itching and sometimes even redness on the face. In winter, with the cold, the problem of dry skin may persist and be more serious.

It is therefore necessary to prevent dry skin or to treat it if necessary. 10 Tips therefore presents 10 tips for dry skin on the face.

1. Hydration for parched skin

To counter the dry skin of the face it is essential to moisturize it well. There are tons of moisturizers on the market designed for the face and or for the body. Do not hesitate to cream your body regularly to keep your skin soft and healthy.

For the face, use moisturizing day and night creams or lotions. Use them in the morning and at night before going to sleep, taking care to avoid the eye area. Using moisturizing products for dry skin is essential in your beauty ritual to have beautiful, soft and hydrated skin.

2. Sweet almond against dry skin

Without a doubt, sweet almond is a natural benefit for beauty. Used in oils, creams or lotions, sweet almond is very effective in countering dry skin. Indeed, its natural constituents have the principle of tone and soften the skin which helps keep it soft.

Sweet almond is also excellent for the softness of the hands as you will discover here: How to have soft and smooth hands?

3. Aloe and dry skin

Aloe vera contains many vitamins including vitamin A and E. Its benefits include helping to heal, moisturize and regenerate skin cells for soft, healthy skin. If you tan in the sun, don’t forget to apply aloe when you get home.

Aloe is undoubtedly one of the best tricks to help with dry skin on the face but also on the whole body.

4. Eat fatty acids

Food plays its role in our beauty and the development of our body. Eating fatty acids such as olive oil or flaxseed oil helps your skin stay softer and therefore less dry. This is a simple trick to combat dry facial skin.

5. Avoid beauty products with alcohol

Many beauty products contain alcohol although they are much rarer these days. Alcohol can be harmful to the skin since it contributes to its drying out. This type of alcohol-based beauty treatment should therefore be avoided if you want to fight against dry facial skin.

6. A good diet to soften the skin

Eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables while drinking plenty of water also helps keep skin soft, fresh, and healthy. This is an excellent trick to practice to soften the skin of the face and body.

7. Use essential oils

Essential oils based on chamomile, rose or sandalwood soften the skin and help dry out the skin on the body. So take regular hot baths with essential oil. Your skin will therefore be soft and lightly scented in addition to being well hydrated.

8. Hot versus cold

To have firm, healthy and non-dry skin, you can also take hot showers to relax and cleanse the skin well, and then finish with cold water to firm the skin. It’s a quick way to have beautiful soft skin.

9. Baby oil and dry skin

To have extremely soft skin you can coat your skin with baby oil after each of your showers and baths. After a while, your skin will be as soft as a baby’s. This is an excellent trick against dry skin on the face and body.

10. Protect yourself from the cold to treat dry skin

In winter, the cold often causes more or less extreme cases of skin dryness. The skin cracks, becomes irritated and becomes dry. It is therefore important to cover your skin well at all times.

11. Borage vegetable oil

Borage oil is a wonderful natural oil for fighting dry facial skin. Pour some of this oil on your hands, rub your hands together to warm it up and apply it to your skin after your shower. Be careful, however, not to touch your mouth and eyes with this oil.

12. Make yourself a face mask

To treat dry skin on the face there is nothing like a face mask for dry skin. There are several types of facial masks that can hydrate the skin of the face well.

If your dryness problem mainly concerns your hands, then take a few minutes to read these tips: Dry hands, what to do?

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