Trick to peel a potato quickly

How to peel potatoes quickly?

Several techniques exist to peel potatoes or potatoes if you prefer! With or without peeler it is easy and quick to peel them in record time.

Below are some of my favorite tips for easily peeling a potato. Happy peeling!

1. Peel a potato with boiling water

When you don’t have a potato peeler at home, it’s not always easy to use and handle a knife to peel a potato.

Indeed, if you don’t have a peeler to peel a potato then the boiling water trick is really great!

Here is this boiling water technique:

  • Bring the water to a boil in a large saucepan.
  • Use a kitchen knife to make a small circular incision all around the potato, right in the center.
  • Take the potatoes and place them in boiling water for a few minutes.
  • Take out the potatoes and peel each of them by simply pulling up and down.

The potato skin will almost come off on its own. A quick and really useful technique for peeling a potato when you don’t have a peeler!

If you prefer, here is the video that shows all the steps of this trick:

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2. Peel a potato with a screwdriver drill

And yes to make it even faster here is an original tip… VERY original! For this trick you need:

  • A potato peeler
  • A drill screwdriver

Can you guess ?? We insert the potato on the tip of the drill and we press with the peeler. Hard to do faster Ahahah!

Here’s what it looks like on video:

3. Even faster with this other peeling trick!

I thought the screwdriver thing was the quickest but I found even faster to peel the whole contents of a bag of potatoes! ?

For this trick you need:

  • A large jump filled with water.
  • A « pro » electric drill-driver.
  • A special tip with a stiff brush (see video below).

Once the potatoes are in the water and the tool is engaged, that’s when the magic happens! Take a good look at the video, you will love it! ?

4. Which peeler to choose?

I don’t know about you but here I like classic accessories and utensils. In fact I find that they are the ones that work the best and above all that are the most durable and the most economical!

Below is the peeler (the same model) that I use to peel my potatoes at home.

I also have at home a very “ordinary” peeler, you know, the long model. I use it primarily to peel carrots but it also works very well for potatoes.

Potato and carrot peeler

Don’t buy a standing peeler!

Indeed, avoid buying an electric peeler or models on feet which are much more fragile and which remove too much flesh (a lot of waste).

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