Unearthed pyramid-shaped tomb in China

Underneath a construction site in Zhengzhou, central China, archaeologists have made an astonishing discovery, namely a pyramid-shaped burial. Residents flock to admire the discovery.

A team of archaeologists has unearthed a pyramid-shaped tomb under a construction site in central China’s Zhengzhou, Henan province. Surprised and enthusiastic, the inhabitants of this city flock to admire the discovery that some describe as “magical”. Everyone already nicknamed this tomb the « Pyramid of Zhengzhou ».

Much smaller than its Egyptian counterparts, the pyramid sits next to another tomb, this time in the shape of a semi-cylinder.  » The chamber, 30 meters long and eight meters wide, was built in a west-east position with the entrance facing east. It has a narrow passage leading to the main dome located near the pyramidal tomb “, writes the Daily Mail.

This tomb was discovered about 1,000 meters from a highway located west of the Yellow River. The area was once a village, but it has apparently moved to make way for a new residential complex, according to People’s Daily affiliate Huanqiu.

One of the people employed at the excavation site told a local newspaper that the tomb could be over 2,000 years old and the excavation had already been going on for over a month. Analyzes are currently underway to determine precisely the age of this tomb, its owner and the reason for this particular construction. As the Henan Cultural Heritage Bureau explains, however, such tombs appeared after the Han Dynasty (ranging from 206 BC to 220 CE) and were often built of brick.

Several videos of this amazing discovery can be viewed below:

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