Unusual: There is now a kitten-scented perfume!

An American cosmetics company has developed this perfume that will make you smell like the baby cat. Why not ? This company has already proven that it is an expert when it comes to unusual perfumes!

“Cats, we love them or we hate them. There are no half measures. But everyone loves kittens! », declares the company Demeter Fragance Library.

Demeter Fragance Library is specialized in perfumes of all kinds ranging from the most classic to the most unusual such as Gin & Tonic scents, baby powder, pizza or even popcorn. The latest find from this company? The “kitten” scent! It’s true that a baby cat rarely smells bad, right?

The latest flagship product since March 11, 2017 is therefore the cologne with the smell of baby cats bearing the name “Kitten Fur” (“kitten fur”). It makes you smile, but it still lets you know that this scent required fifteen years of work! Demeter Fragance Library has been crafting special and unusual fragrances since 1996, so it’s no wonder this company puts its heart into long-lasting projects.

(Image credit: Demeter Fragance Library)

For this product, Demeter Fragance Library announces that it wanted to capture “the comforting smell of fur, just behind the neck”. In addition to cologne, the company has declined this scent in a multitude of products: shower gel, massage oil, home fragrance or even body lotion.

On social networks, the famous perfume does not seem to please everyone since some believe that « the smell would be similar to litter or even worse, cat’s breath », which puts a big blow to the cute side of the product. On that account, you might as well smell the pizza or the popcorn!

Sources: Huffington Post — Grazia

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