Unusual: this video game will drive you crazy!

This is a superb tribute to the 20th century Dutch designer Maurits Cornelis Escher, known for his woodcuts and other mathematically inspired lithographs. Like the creations of this artist, this game takes you to the realm of infinity and impossible constructions!

Fragments of Euclid is available for free download. This first-person game will perhaps drive you crazy or simply make you nauseous with its large room with empty walls, an ultra-basic setting in which your gaze is lost before falling on a staircase almost hidden in the dark.

After a few steps, you come to a landing forcing you to turn left. You continue to the next landing, climbing the steps to the next as the operation repeats itself for some time before you realize the deception. This is a loop from which it is impossible to get out!

This description reflects exactly the goal of the game: to exasperate you and bring out the madness that is in you through incredible decorations inspired by the creations of the late Maurits Cornelis Escher, the latter being as absurd as they are brilliant.

Developed by programmer Antoine Zanuttini, the game Fragments of Euclid offers to blend into such a setting in search of purple light boxes that you will have to move in order to unlock new areas to survey. Be careful, the animated backgrounds, the crazy architecture as well as the recurring reversals of perspectives could make you gag!

The imaginary worlds of the Dutch cartoonist had already inspired creators in the past, including video game designers. Some examples of these games can be cited: Echochrome (Playstation 3) or Monument Valley and Hocus (smartphone / Android).

Here is the trailer of Fragments of Euclid :

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