Virtual reality: promise of new sensations in all areas… even casinos!

At first glance, we cannot be entirely convinced of this, but if you think about it, you may be able to realize how much the world of virtual reality is becoming more involved and present in our daily lives. Indeed, it is easy to think that it is a market that is still not very democratized and not very accessible to the French. However, it is enough to see the craze for the game Pokemon Go to be wrong.

Moreover, all the big firms are embarking on this niche. For Sony, it is a question of launching the PlayStation VR in October 2016 with its 4D glasses, Google meanwhile makes technology lovers talk with its Cardboards, not to mention the Oculus Rift, an immersive experience that we hear more plus talk just like its counterpart, the Nosulus Rift with the latest South Park game that allows for a new kind of sensory experience. Looking more closely, we realize that the innovations are multiple and that all this will inevitably end up happening to us.

The Nosulus Rift in action with the new South Park game.  (Picture: YouTube/GameSpot)
The Nosulus Rift in action with the new South Park game. (Credits: YouTube / GameSpot)

All these innovations will quickly arrive in our daily lives because areas such as pornography, cinema, television or even the press are beginning to invest in order to offer a new experience to the public, but this will also affect areas such as the professional world such as the health sector and even our museums.

If one wonders what this type of virtual experience gives concretely, it suffices for example to look at the innovations offered in online casinos which will allow casino operators to attract younger or technology-savvy visitors. We had already spoken to you with the example of Slots Million in an article. A virtual reality casino provides access to an alternate universe, helmet on and comfortably seated in your favorite armchair in pajamas, with the possibility not only of strolling through the aisles and opting for your favorite games, but also of conversing. with other players through encounters with their avatars. Enough to have thrills and enjoy the atmosphere without going to Las Vegas or the casino closest to you. This technology therefore arrives at casinos as elsewhere and French online casinos will not be an exception to this phenomenon that invades us. It will be enough to keep our eyes adorned with VR headsets on all these novelties to come.

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