Virtual reality: What if you could change gender for ten minutes?

We know that virtual reality today allows all kinds of experiences. What if you could change gender for ten minutes? here is Be Boy, Be Girlan application recently presented to the public.

Some people wonder what it would be like to change their gender, while some of them take action and modify their bodies directly. Without going that far and in case you are curious, a new virtual reality experience was presented during the last Festival International de Programs Audiovisuels (FIPA) which took place in Biarritz from January 24 to 29, 2017.

This experience called Be Boy, Be Girl was developed by a couple of Dutch directors: Frederik Duerinck and Marleine van der Werf. The program offers the user to step into the shoes of a woman or a man for about ten minutes and it is also possible to change their age.

Concretely, it is a film shot at 360° placing you in an ideal environment to enjoy the experience, namely a desert island! To give you the illusion of being on the beach, a fan creates a light breeze and a convector produces heat.

Thus, it is possible to have the illusion of changing bodies and according to the directors, the experience is disconcerting:

“People identify with this body. We see that women who find themselves “without” breasts, adapt their breathing to that of men. It’s a multi-sensory experience that engages sight, sound, touch and smell. » says Frederik Duerinck.

The experience Be Boy, Be Girl was launched in 2016 in the Netherlands, the United States, Switzerland, Canada and Brazil, where it was particularly successful. The most welcoming regarding the project are therefore Brazilians and a lot of people want to try the experience, except women over 55:

“They are happy to remain women because the body they recover thanks to the helmet is a young girl’s body, they thank me! »,
explains Frederik Duerinck.

Sources: Virtual-Reality – West France

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