Washing machine drum, 10 DIY ideas

Giving a second life to a washing machine drum!

Once again we offer you an original DIY idea to recycle an old washing machine tub into something practical and decorative.

Here are 10 DIY ideas to transform the drum of the washing machine. Happy DIY!

What a beautiful lamp to make

A first idea to recycle old washing machine tubs, make pretty hanging lamps in the colors of your choice. Admit that the look is really beautiful!

Hanging lamp with washing machine drums

Make a bench with a washing machine drum

Make a pouf with a washing machine drum

Turn the washer drum into a pretty light fixture

An idea to recover a washing machine tub, make a nice hanging light. Perfect for the dining room or for the descent of stairs.

Make a hanging lamp with a washing machine tub

Use the washer drum as a bedside table

Another DIY idea is to use the drum of the washing machine to make a cute little bedside table. Admit that it’s pretty and above all very easy to make yourself.

Bedside table with a washing machine drum

Build a small dinette table

Here is another idea for making a small counter-height or bar-height table with two washing machine drums. Ideal in a restaurant, in the dinette area or in your bar area in the basement for example.

Bar table with washing machine drums

Build an outdoor fireplace

A simple and easy to make idea is to make an outdoor fire pit out of an old washing machine drum. Look at the photo below, the look of this fireplace is truly spectacular.

outdoor fireplace with washing machine drum

An original pot for a plant

How do you find this idea of ​​recovering an old washing machine tub to make an outdoor pot for a plant or shrub?

Make a plant pot with a washer tub

Put away the garden hose

Here is a very simple idea to recycle an old washing machine tub, make a storage for the garden hose this summer in the garden. A vintage and trendy look for the exterior of the house.

Hose storage with washing machine tub

Restore washing machine drum

Another great example of restoring the washing machine tub to an outdoor fireplace for this summer. Apartment Therapy is a site where you will find a multitude of decoration and DIY ideas.

Washing machine drum before after

An ottoman and storage for toys

Here is one last idea to transform a washing machine drum, make a pouf and storage for your child’s toys.

storage for toys in a washing machine drum

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