Washing your dog with and without water is possible!

How to wash a dog?

Dogs don’t need to bathe every week to be clean and smell good. But once in a while, it can be good to bathe your dog. The washing techniques are simple and the difficulty of this task is more related to the behavior of the dog.

If all goes well, you may even have a lot of fun bathing your dog. 10 Tips offers you several tips and advice for washing your dog with or without water. Happy washing! ?

1. Brush your dog well before starting the wash

The very first thing to do before washing your dog at home and brushing it. Indeed it is important to brush the hair of your dog well to undo the knots and make his hair very smooth before washing.

It is important to brush your dog before bathing him because you risk tangling his hair even more, especially if you have a long-haired dog.

2. Some precautions when washing a dog

When you wash your dog with water, whether in a bathtub, in a shower or with a jet of water, certain precautions are necessary.

When washing the dog it is therefore important to:

  • Put cotton balls in the dog’s ears
  • Protect his dog’s eyes throughout the wash
  • Check that the water jet is well directed and not too powerful
  • Check the temperature of the water in the bathtub or the water jet

It is important not to traumatize your dog during the washing session, otherwise you will always have more and more difficulty washing him well.

3. Talk to your dog while cleaning

For a dog, washing can quickly become long, insecure and even unbearable for some dogs. It is therefore important to show your pet, cat and dog, that you are there for him and not against him.

In this sense it is important to talk and secure your dog throughout the wash. In fact, so that he remains calm and confident, don’t hesitate to talk to your dog and pet him before, during and after his bath.

4. With which product to wash your dog?

There are a multitude of products for washing and grooming your dog. If you choose a dog shampoo it is important to choose a cleaning product that will not be too harsh on your dog’s hair and skin.

Above all, never use your own shampoo to wash your dog, it’s the worst thing to do!

Always choose products suitable for animals and not for humans. Otherwise, you could irritate your dog’s skin and damage his coat. If you are looking for a quality dog ​​shampoo at a good price, here is one very popular with our visitors and especially suitable for your pet:

Dog shampoo, Beaphar

Dog shampoo, Beaphar

  • Nourishes and leaves the dog’s coat shiny and healthy
  • Contains vitamins B5, B6 and wheat protein
  • Product that respects the dog’s epidermis
  • TOP quality price

Washing your dog without water… It’s possible!

If your dog really hates being washed in a bathtub or simply with water, then a solution must be found quickly. Dry shampoo is a good way to wash your dog without using water. Unfortunately it does not replace a real wash with water but once in a while it can be a good idea to give your dog a break.

There are indeed a few good dry shampoos, including this one that is very popular with dog owners:

Dry shampoo for dogs

Dry shampoo for dogs

  • Shampoo that requires no rinsing
  • Leaves a pleasant scent of freshness to your dog
  • Do not use on puppies under 6 weeks old

5. A non-slip mat at the bottom of the bathtub

If you bathe your dog inside the house in the bathtub then it is important to secure your dog. A simple trick that will help your dog feel safe while bathing is the non-slip mat.

By installing this type of mat at the bottom of your bathtub, you will be sure that your dog will not constantly slip. If he slips all the time, he will be uncomfortable, insecure and less secure. It will also be much easier for you to wash your pet thanks to this mat.

6. Start washing your dog

Now that we know some good tips and products for washing your dog, here are the steps for a successful wash:

  • First start by putting a little water on your dog’s hair (use lukewarm water)
  • Then put the dog shampoo all over his hair, insist on the dirtiest places
  • Rub and massage your dog’s hair well with the shampoo (avoid washing your dog’s head)
  • Rinse several times to be sure to completely remove the shampoo

7. Dry the dog’s hair after washing

Once you have finished bathing the dog, you now need to dry his coat. If you live in the countryside and have a large lot, you can let him run outside to dry his coat quickly in the open air.

Of course, you can also use a large bath towel to rub (gently) and dry his hair. Using a hair dryer is also a good idea to dry your dog faster. On the other hand, it is important to adjust the air of the hair dryer to cold or lukewarm and above all to keep a good distance between the device and the dog.

Drying is very important especially to prevent and avoid dog smell in the house!

8. Brush the dog’s hair after drying it

Once your dog has been thoroughly cleaned and dried, you will now have to brush your pet’s hair to untangle it once again. Take your time and go easy on it.

If you have taken the time to brush it before starting the wash (as mentioned above) this step will be much easier and, above all, less time-consuming for you and your pet.

If you do not know what type of dog brush to buy, 10-Trucs offers you this model which is very popular with our visitors and Internet users. This brush is ideal for grooming your dog and cat and thus avoid having hair all over the house.

Dog and cat brush

Dog and cat brush

  • Great brush for dogs and cats
  • Effectively removes dead hair
  • Ideal brush for grooming your dog
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