What are the best repellent plants for the garden?

What are the best repellent plants for the garden?

Repellent plant for garden and vegetable patch

Did you know there are dozens and dozens of animal and insect repellent plants and flowers? To protect your garden and vegetable garden naturally, plants are the solution!

Whether it is to repel cats, mosquitoes, skunks or to repel ticks, several plants exist. Today I offer you my best repellent plants for the garden.

1. Basil, a cat and insect repellent

basil is a repellent plant against flies and cats

Basil is a very effective herb for repelling flies, mosquitoes and other unwanted insects.

An ideal plant to plant on the terrace to keep mosquitoes away this summer. In the vegetable garden, basil also keeps away the small flies that attack carrots, but also keeps away beetles, a small insect that attacks asparagus in gardens.

Basil is also an excellent repellent plant to keep cats away from the garden.

2. Lemongrass as a natural mosquito repellent

citronella a plant to keep cats away

Lemongrass is a plant known for its repellent properties against mosquitoes and several other unwanted insects.

In addition to being excellent at repelling a large number of insects, this plant can also help scare away neighborhood cats.

3. Plant lavender in the garden

lavender against flies and moths

Lavender is a favorite plant to keep mosquitoes and flies away, but also to scare away moths.

Do not hesitate to plant lavender in the garden or in the border. It is a very popular and appreciated repellent plant in gardens in addition to being very pretty.

4. Rosemary is an effective repellent

rosemary, anti slug plant

If you want to ward off destructive insects in your garden and protect your vegetables, you must plant rosemary plants.

Rosemary is effective in repelling slugs, snails and also the famous carrot flies.

5. Common tansy, an effective repellent plant

common tansy, an ant repellent plant

Do you know the common tansy? It is a plant with yellow flowers that helps repel ants and other insects.

This repellent plant is ideal for your flowerbeds or to arrange your rockeries for example.

6. Chrysanthemum, another repellent plant

chrysanthemums repellent plant and anti insect

In addition to being a pretty plant and producing very beautiful flowers throughout the summer, the chrysanthemum is a very effective repellent plant to plant in the garden.

You can use this repellent plant against ticks and to repel ants and cockroaches, but also against lice, fleas and even Japanese beetles.

7. Coleus canina, an anti-cat and anti-dog plant

coleus canina repellent plant against cats and dogs

Do you know the Coleus canina plant? It is a repellent plant to keep cats and dogs away from your garden and your land.

So if you have a problem with the neighbours’ cats and dogs, this plant is a natural solution to help scare them away from your house (with the help of other mechanical repellents of course).

8. Pennyroyal as a slug repellent

slug repellent pennyroyal mint

If you are looking for a really effective slug-killing plant, pennyroyal is the ideal plant to plant in the garden this summer to protect your lettuce and other vegetables from slugs.

Another slug repellent plant to plant in the garden and vegetable patch is rosemary!

9. Lantonier, mosquito repellent plant

lantonia as a mosquito repellent plant

Do you have a mosquito problem at home, on the terrace and in the garden?

If you are looking for a plant to plant in the garden to quickly repel mosquitoes, the Lantonier is the perfect solution to get rid of unwanted flying insects.

10. Fritilaire imperial another repellent plant

imperial fritillarium rodent repellent plant

If you are looking for a solution to scare away rodents from your garden, the imperial Fritilaire plant is a good solution.

This repellent plant keeps rabbits, groundhogs, mice and moles away.

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