What does sex look like seen from an MRI machine?

Crazy scientists have offered couples to make love in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine, allowing two- or three-dimensional views of the inside of the body. If the image is in black and white, we distinguish very well the movements imputed to the sexual act.

But what is the purpose of this manipulation at first sight absurd? British researchers have set themselves the task of studying the sexual act from another angle. Or rather, it is a question of bringing new scientific elements making it possible to affirm that regular sexual activity makes it possible to improve, in a non-negligible way, one’s state of health.

Sexual activity would reduce the risk of heart attack and promote a drop in blood pressure, while strengthening the immune system. It would also seem that watching porn on another type of screen is of interest to scientists. However, we do not yet know precisely what use can be made, from a scientific point of view, of part of the legs in the air in an MRI machine, since quite simply, no results are currently available.

However, let’s be honest, the result is rather dull, a video not to be shown to children, because the content remains very explicit. What does sex look like in an MRI machine? In reality, it’s not very pretty to see and could disgust more than one person, see the birth of vocations, but let’s be realistic!

Resonance Imaging (MRI), available in several methods, is a radiological examination allowing the study of certain tissues of the body. It is most often used in the context of the detection of brain lesions after an ischemic accident, or even brain lesions, an abscess in formation, or even a very recent acute cerebrovascular accident (less than a week ).

However, in the context of sexual activity and the proof of its benefits, it is quite difficult to try to understand what MRI could be used for. To be continued !

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